17. December 2017 - 19:00
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Granger Smith at The Shop | The Machine Shop | Sunday, 17. December 2017

Granger Smith
wsg/ Earl Dibbles Jr & Morgan Wallen
Sunday, December 17th - SOLD OUT
  • This concert is now sold out. Thank you to everyone that bought a ticket!
  • 2 tickets for $55!
  • Great interview from ToddStar Photography with Granger Smith's bus driver Joe Shipley
  • Don't miss opener Morgan Wallen
  • New video from Earl Dibbles Jr
  • Earl interviews Granger about love in the whitetail deer blind in this clip.
  • Can't wait to see ya again buddy
  • New video from opener Morgan Wallen
  • Morgan Wallen added as support
  • Michael Broda and Tina Broda birthday present?
  • Here's a flashback to an interview ToddStar Photography did with Granger Smith bus driver Joe Shipley a few years ago. We are really looking forward to having Granger and Earl Dibbles Jr back at The Machine Shop.
  • Our staff hopes Dwayne shows up to help them load gear.
  • Tickets are on sale now!!