16. July 2019 - 9:30 till 11:00
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Leading High Performing Teams Demo 'July' Event | TBD | Tuesday, 16. July 2019

Develop your leaders!  Align your people!  Excelerate your growth!
Your organization doesn't need more leaders, it needs better leaders...100X leaders!  Success doesn't simply happen, it's pursued.  Without the right people, in the right places, doing the right things, success will constantly elude you and you'll end up tired and burnt out, looking for your next venture.  
No one goes to Mt. Everest and just climbs, especially alone!  So why is it, so many people are placed in positions and simply expected to thrive?
During this demo, we'll show you what we most commonly see in the organizations we work with and we'll explain why it doesn't work.  Then, you'll get to see and experience what it takes to get people healthy and aligned in order to begin working toward success. 
You'll leave with some simple and practical tools that you can take back and immediately put to use in your organizations and families.  
Xcelerate is designed for organizations who have experienced these issues:

Little or no time to work “on” the organization
Want a more robust strategic plan for future growth
Desire greater alignment among team members
Find themselves “firefighting” too often
Need more leaders so you can expand
Have no system in place to develop employees
Struggle to get the best from some employees
Want to intentionally shape organizational culture