11. August 2017 - 16:00
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Daggers and Hemlock XI The Festival of Vulcan | Northwest Florida Fair | Friday, 11. August 2017

Steward: Lord Baldmund Martel JJKOFER@Yahoo.com
Reservation: Lord Halvor Moose 230 Argyle Court Mary Esther FL 32569
*We are offering heavy and light tournaments, classes and A&S competition.
*Feast will offer many delectable items and will be posted soon. Please be aware that we are offering seafood with this feast. Anyone sensitive to shellfish should take precautions.
*Outdoor and limited indoor AC camping available

Day Trip Non memb. $20.00 Discount with Membership $15.00
Weekend Non memb. $ 25.00 Discount with Membership $ 20.00
Feast $ 7.00
  • Greetings, As the event grows closer, I would like to address Camping;both indoor and outdoor. Indoor: For those who this may be your first time at this event site/forgotten the site. We have indoor camping in a room with a low ceiling. around 9 feet. For this reason, anyone interested in camping in the A/C, please ensure that your tent/popup does not exceed 9 feet in height. Outdoor: We do have an outdoor option for those that wish to have period pavillions/tent exceeds 9 feet. Spots are basically first come first serve as far as outdoor. There are power lines in the ground, at Troll we will tell you where it's safe if you have long spikes. If you are in need of electricity while you are camping outside, you must pay for an RV spot. RV Spots: For those that have RVs or are camping outside and need electricity, there is a fee set by the site itself. The fee is $30 per day..
  • Feast Menu has been released. First Remove: Olives, fruit,nuts, bread, and butter Second Remove: Lentil Soup, seafood bisque, bread and butter Third Remove: Saugages, salad w/dressing, shrimp kabobs, and bread and butter Forth Remove: Chicken, boiled eggs, cheese, bread and butter Fifth Remove: Fig bar, cheese and cheese tart Please remember to take precautions is you are allergic to seafood since it will be served for dinner along with nuts/peanuts.
  • Is there archery at this event?
  • Dennis Murphy ... event i was discussing with you
  • Plane tickets and reservations made!!!
  • We will have plenty of Youth Activities as well.
  • NEEDED - *****Class teachers**** *****Merchant wares!***
  • I hope we can make it next year. Prior commitment: Pennsic.
  • Isn't this at the same time Pennsic is going on?
  • I was wondering if it would be acceptable to set up a $1 raffle to help raise money for our Canton.