11. August 2017 - 16:00
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Daggers and Hemlock XI The Festival of Vulcan | Northwest Florida Fair | Friday, 11. August 2017

Steward: Lord Baldmund Martel JJKOFER@Yahoo.com
*We are offering heavy and light tournaments, classes and A&S competition.
*Feast will offer many delectable items and will be posted soon. Please be aware that we are offering seafood with this feast. Anyone sensitive to shellfish should take precautions.
*Outdoor and limited indoor AC camping available

Day Trip Non memb. $20.00 Discount with Membership $15.00
Weekend Non memb. $ 25.00 Discount with Membership $ 20.00
Feast $ 7.00
  • And a Rubbermaid tub with the site tokens in it!
  • And we have 13 Merchants on the docket so far!
  • Small chest for the youth A&S prize and a light box for the laurel's choice A&S prize... and there is a second light box that will be raffled off at the event!
  • what are the tournament formats?
  • Emily Ryan, Clara, and Kolebjorn will be coming with me. Really looking forward to seeing everyone!
  • Gonna miss it this time :(
  • Anyone know what time the heavy fighting starts and or a fighting schedule?
  • Heavy/armored fighter oracle tournament. This is a painting of a Thracian type gladiator helmet that was recovered from the gladiators quarters in Pompeii. Incidentally, there is speculation that this was worn by a Jewish gladiator. The Palm is a symbol seen in association of Jews of that time. Another interesting thing is that part of the scientific name for palm is "pheonix". I thought this fitting for a tourney taking place in Phoenix glade.
  • Laurel's award arts and science scroll
  • Populous Arts and a science award scroll.
  • Do we have anyone going down 65 north of Birmingham (I live less then a mile off the Hwy) to Daggers and Hemlock that can transport a Scroll for me?
  • Is there any more inside camping? If so, may I reserve a spot? Pretty please!
  • Due to work scheduling Mistress Marie de Kerimure and Baron Michel von Gruningen will not be making Daggers and Hemlock to teach this year. The A&S class schedule has been updated to reflect this change. We are sorry for the inconvenience that it has caused. Also, this year we will be having an A&S competition again. There will be prizes for the the best Children's, Populace and Laurel's Choice. So bring out those entries and let's see what you have.
  • These are two of the scrolls to be awarded to winners of the rapier tournaments. As I finish these today, I will continue to post.
  • Rapier schedule will be as follows: 9:15 am - Inspections/ Authorizations 10:00 am - Single Elim Speed Tourney 10:30 am - Tribute to Vulcan Round Robin Noon - Lunch 1:00pm - Sacrifice to Vulcan Tournament 2:30pm - C&T Holmgang Field Open after tournaments
  • The "Lightning Shoot" archery tournament will be at 1PM on Saturday!
  • For Daggers and Hemlock this year we are celebrating the Feast of Vulcanalia. Come join us on the rapier field to celebrate Vulcan and ask him bless our steel and our harvest. The tourneys are as follows: Tribute to Vulcan Tourney – Pay tribute to Vulcan with our steel in a tournament that contributes to an overall team tournament of Daggers. - Round Robin Tournament, Open weapons, Points contribute towards your event team. Sacrifice to Vulcan Tourney – It would seem Vulcan was not appeased and has turned up the heat, threatening our crops. Time to pay Vulcan with blood and hope this calms him. - Double Elimination Tournament, Open weapons Roman Hólmgang – A fight has broken out about how the soothsayers are interpreting Vulcan's intentions. Some traders from the Icy North have told us of a way to settle this dispute. - C&T tournament, Icelandic style Hólmgang, Open weapons, First Blood, Fought in 9' circle
  • ** PLEASE NOTE UPDATED RESERVATIONS ADDRESS** Andrew Moose ( Lord Halvor Moose ) 216 Moriarty St. NW, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548 ** If you sent reservations to the other address you should be fine, but wise to CONFIRM with us if you haven't heard from us. Thank you.
  • Class Schedule is posted!!!! Arts and Science - Lady Murienn Ingen Cheitt Class Schedule 9:00am • Keri Henderson: Instrument Petting Zoo and Demonstration of Period Instruments 10:00am • Gloria ***-Dockery: Entering A&S Faires • Paula Trueb: Roman Foods and Elements Incorporated into the Festival of Vulcan 11:00am • Lyn Lawler: Leather working • Jennifer Harrington: An Introduction to Medieval Dice Games 12:00pm • Lyn Lawler: Leather Working 1:00pm • Myra Edwards: Garb Construction • Juliet Hazzard: Webminister and Social Media Round Table Discussion 2:00pm • Myra Edwards: Personal Garb Construction • Juliet Hazzard: Webminister and Social Media Round Table Discussion 3:00pm • Paige Darby: Introduction to Hand Spinning • Michael Trueb: Shields- I do them My Way
  • Greetings, As the event grows closer, I would like to address Camping;both indoor and outdoor. Indoor: For those who this may be your first time at this event site/forgotten the site. We have indoor camping in a room with a low ceiling. around 9 feet. For this reason, anyone interested in camping in the A/C, please ensure that your tent/popup does not exceed 9 feet in height. Outdoor: We do have an outdoor option for those that wish to have period pavillions/tent exceeds 9 feet. Spots are basically first come first serve as far as outdoor. There are power lines in the ground, at Troll we will tell you where it's safe if you have long spikes. If you are in need of electricity while you are camping outside, you must pay for an RV spot. RV Spots: For those that have RVs or are camping outside and need electricity, there is a fee set by the site itself. The fee is $30 per day..
  • Feast Menu has been released. First Remove: Olives, fruit,nuts, bread, and butter Second Remove: Lentil Soup, seafood bisque, bread and butter Third Remove: Saugages, salad w/dressing, shrimp kabobs, and bread and butter Forth Remove: Chicken, boiled eggs, cheese, bread and butter Fifth Remove: Fig bar, cheese and cheese tart Please remember to take precautions is you are allergic to seafood since it will be served for dinner along with nuts/peanuts.
  • Is there archery at this event?
  • Dennis Murphy ... event i was discussing with you
  • Plane tickets and reservations made!!!