17. June 2019 - 9:00
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Courtology Institute of Basketball Summer Term | Roma Sports Club (Campus) | Monday, 17. June 2019

Courtology Institute of Basketball: 
The official college prep, youth basketball player development and skills training academy for boys and girls.

“Home of the Basketball Geek Club.” The Premier Youth Basketball Player Development League of Illinois. 

Join the Basketball Geek Club! 
Pre-Requisite: Courtology Institute of Basketball Summer Term
5 Courses!

Enrollment is NOW OPEN!

About Us
The Basketball Geek Club is a basketball club that prioritizes the sport as an extra-curricular activity, promoting league play and academic excellence. It is an extension of Courtology Institute of Basketball, founded by Coach D. Ausley in 2006 to provide leisure play, community, basketball IQ training, and student-athlete prep. We provide a year-round college prep faith-based character development and basketball skills training curriculum for boys and girls grades 1-12.
The Basketball Geek Club offers academic and athletic standards to provide a balanced perspective about the sport as a lifestyle to youth club members and their parents as they prepare now for life on a college campus in the near future. 
The club promotes academic excellence, faith, diversity, great character, leadership, skills and athleticism, quality friendships and sportsmanship. While training and developing individual standards as a leader and sound decision making skills now in preparation for their next big step growing up.

Our mission is to be a holistic resource, educating students and their families on the realities of the sport of basketball with the student’s future in mind with an emphasis on collegiate prep and career exploration.

“Welcome to College Prep”
Courtology Institute of Basketball 2019 Summer Term.
- Coach D. Ausley

Enroll Now! Courtology Institute of Basketball 2019 Summer Basketball Term.

5 Extra-Curricular Student-Athlete Courses!

Our college prep youth basketball player development summer term is one of a kind!

Our attention to detail for your student-athlete matches their respective level of excitement and passion for the game each day that your child brings for the game.

Highlights Include:
• Academic Enrichment
• Courtology Study Hall Courses
• Basketball Player Development
• Youth Basketball Development League
• Courtology Basketball Team Pack 
• Speed, Agility/Strength Training


Coach D. Ausley’s Top 100 Courtology Institute of Basketball
Student-Athletes list for the 2019 Summer Term.

Courtology Institute of Basketball Summer Term is a requirement for new Courtology Student-Athlete Membership into The Basketball Geek Club. 
Space is limited in each division as team rosters are filled quickly on a first come, first serve basis. 

Campus Orientation Day
We tour our beautiful campus at Roma Sports Club and introduce our plans, staff, activities and answer any questions for the summer term and our year long season when you enroll and register for the summer term. An orientation schedule is sent to you with a date and time to attend before the start of the 2019 summer term. 

Our expectation is to set the goals for your child's development in the sport they enjoy.

Enroll Now! Be placed on the course roster today to make the team!

What: Summer Basketball Player Development 

Where: Roma Sports Club, 9115 Roma Ct Frankfort, IL 60423

When: June 17, 2019 - July 26, 2019

Who: 3rd - 5th, 6th - 8th and 9th - 12th

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

AfterCare: 3:30 - 4:45 p.m. ($15 per day) 

Course: $300 per week *Guest Team Roster

Tuition: $1250 (5 weeks) *Home Team Roster 

*Home Team - Courtology Institute of Basketball Home Team Roster is made up of student-athletes who are committed to the entire 5 week summer term.

*Away Team - Courtology Institute of Basketball Away Team Roster is made up of student-athletes who are committed a one week course during the summer term.


Week 1: JUNE 17-JUNE 21, 2019 
Mindset: The academic-athletic balance for a student-athlete, Courtology Sport Leadership.

Week 2: JUNE 24-JUNE 28, 2019 
Performance: Increase speed, agility, endurance and power, Courtology Basketball Fitness.

Week 3: JULY 8-JULY 12, 2019 
Competition: In-game situational play against respective skill level Courtology Playbook,the match-up.

Week 4: JULY 15-JULY 19, 2019 
Technical: Basketball Fundamental Skill Mechanics, Courtology The Journey.

Week 5: JULY 21-JULY 26, 2019 
Position-Specific: Role play, Courtology Triple Threat. ‘

All courses are apart of the home team 5 week program. The away team will be included in the weekly courses they select for their student-athlete during the summer term. 

How Does this Work?
All potential Basketball Geek Club Members must complete all 5 Courtology Institute of Basketball Study Hall Courses as a pre-requisite to qualify for membership into The Basketball Geek Club, the premier youth basketball development league of Illinois.

Once a student-athletes has completed the pre-requisite courses they become alumni of Courtology Institute of Basketball and have graduated to member status with the Basketball Geek Club.

Year-round membership offers weekly classes, activities, events and more as benefits to club members! The schedule is provided based on seasonal membership dues and course fees as a member of the Basketball Geek Club.
Visit www.courtologycollegeprep.com for more information.

2019 Courtology Divisions/Team Eligibility Classification Status

Our 3rd-5th grade student-athletes learn the fundamentals of basketball and the importance of having good character with an unquestionable work ethic.

Our 6th-8th grade student-athletes learn how to compete in the classroom and on the court. Performance is key in the development process for this division. We take a detail look into the role of each player and identify strengths and weaknesses for growth on and off the court.

Our 9th-10th grade student-athletes are held accountable for their decisions as role models. We believe at this stage of development these Courtology Student-Athletes should be exemplifying leadership qualities and characteristics as apart of their personality that stand out with standards.

Our 11th-12th grade student-athletes are mentors, managers, counselors and alumni that have gone through the program or starting the program after a letter of recommendation and are concentrating on perfecting their strengths and better understanding their impact, style and career path to best serve on a collegiate campus.

A Courtology Institute of Basketball Summer is one of a kind!                                                                                                                            


9:00 - Welcome

9:30 - Basketball Fitness/Skills 

10:30 - Academic Enrichment 

11:15 - Basketball Games/Contest 

11:30 - Guest Speaker

12:00 - Lunch/Basketball Games 

12:45 - Basketball Team Practice 

1:15 - Courtology Study Hall

1:45 - Basketball Games/Activities 

2:45 - Closing remarks

3:00 - Dismissal

3:30 - Aftercare

4:45 - Campus Day Ends

*Schedule is an example and subject to change. Also each division of student-athletes has their own daily schedule: Lower School 3rd-5th, Middle School 6th-8th and High School 9th-12th.

“Home of the Basketball Geek Club.” 
The Premier Youth Basketball Development League of Illinois.