21. May 2019 - 17:00 till 19:00
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SLAC Paint & Sip | Clay Cup Studios | Tuesday, 21. May 2019

The Student Life Activities Committee will be hosting a Paint & Sip: Pottery Paint Night on Tuesday, May 21st from 5:00 - 7:00 PM at Clay Cup Studio. The event will cost $20 per person and includes your pottery piece, paint, two glasses of wine, and dinner. You must provide a valid state-issued ID at the door if you plan on consuming alcohol.
You will get to choose one pottery piece from the following: a planter, a vase, a bowl, and a plate. Pottery pieces will be first come, first serve.
Seats are limited. Students must secure an Eventbrite registration ticket to be able to purchase a seat at the event. Each student that secures an Eventbrite registration ticket will be allowed to purchase 1 seat. The Eventbrite ticket is NOT a ticket for a seat, it will only secure you the option to purchase a ticket from the Office of Student Life.
Students who secure an option to buy a ticket must come to the Office of Student Life to purchase their ticket no later than Tuesday, May 14th at 5:00 PM. Any tickets not purchased by that time will be offered to the student next on the waitlist.
Contact Taylor Sieling at tasielin@utmb.edu for more information!

Who can register for an Eventbrite ticket/registration spot?
This event is open to current UTMB students only.
Can I register for a ticket if I am under 21 years old?
Yes! Every current UTMB student is welcome at the event. Those over 21 must show a valid ID at the door if they plan on consumming alcohol. 
Is the Eventbrite ticket my ticket for the actual event?
No - The Eventbrite registration simply reserves you the ability to purchase a seat from the Office of Student Life. 
Is there a cost to sign up for the Eventbrite ticket/registration?
No - There is no cost to register for the opportunity to purchase an seat. The only cost will be purchasing the seat should you secure a spot.
Where will I pay for my seat for the event once I secure a spot?
You can pay for your seat in the Office of Student Life on the second floor of the Jamail Student Center.
When can I purchase my seat?
You can pay for your seat as soon register for a ticket on Eventbrite. The payment is due on May 14th by 5:00 PM. At that time, remainig seats will be made availble to those on the waitlist.
What are my payment options?
We are able to accept cash or checks only.
If I don't like wine, can I bring my own alcohol to the event?
Yes, the event is BYOB for those over 21 years old. 
Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Should you have any questions regarding the Eventbrite ticket/registration process, please contact Taylor Sieling in the Office of Student Life at 409-747-9056 or tasielin@utmb.edu.