14. August 2020 - 11:00
Sunny Beach, Galveston, Galveston
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Tsun-fest USA 2020 | Friday, 14. August 2020

Tsunfest USA! (Pronounced "Chunfest") It's finally here! ALL Wing Tsun/Wing Chun/Ving Tsun practitioners from around the world are invited!

This is an open and informal event. ALL are welcome! Every school, every lineage, from all across the world, no experience or affiliation necessary. Unlimited free training for everyone of every skill level. No politics or drama, just a bunch of people having a great time. Kung Fu, BBQ, and beer until the last person leaves. Chi Sao with the sand in between your toes and the current of the ocean splashing on your legs.

There is NO CHARGE for this event, but we ask that if you are able, please contribute. That means please feel free to bring snacks or something to throw on the BBQ, drinks, bottled water, beer, whatever... cash (paypal, etc) donations would be greatly appreciated as well. Those who are able to make a financial donation to the event in advance to help out with supplies will receive free Tsun-Fest USA merchandise, which will also be available for purchase to everyone. We will be doing auctions and raffles as well. This is a family friendly event so feel free to bring your kids.

This will be a Wing Chun Trinity USA/Gulf Coast Regional event, and we will have Chi Sao competition, as well as technical workshops being taught, and plenty of open training. With the exception of the Chi Sao competition, it will all be FREE.

Even though this event is put on for Wing Tsun/Wing Chun/Ving Tsun practitioners, people from all styles are welcome. So all you JKD, Escrima, Tai Chi, BJJ, MMA, etc practitioners are welcome as well.

*For those coming from out of town:

You CAN drive on the beach

You CAN drink (alcohol) on the beach

You CAN BBQ on the beach

You CAN have bonfires on the beach

You CAN do weapons training on the beach

You CAN spend the night on the beach

If you wish to book a hotel close by, trust me you want to do it as far in advance as possible, otherwise you won’t find one. But feel free to bring your tent/sleeping bag/blankets and camp on the beach. For those flying in, transportation to and from either of the Houston airports can be arranged.

We will be on Sunny Beach on the West End. Take I-45 South until you hit the Sea Wall and go right.

Friday August 14th, through Sunday night August 16th, 2020

If you have any questions, please contact Jason Malik or inbox us.

FB: Texas Wing Tsun


>>> 281.771.4692 <<<


IG: @TexasWingTsun

YT: Texas Wing Tsun

*We are not affiliated with Franck Vandenberghe or the Chunfest UK gathering.