10. September 2019 - 19:00 till 22:00
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Lab Education Business 7 Marketing | Barber Society | Tuesday, 10. September 2019

Lab Education Business Program 

This program was designed to help individuals at any level better understand the business of barbering. 
Often we focus on getting better at cutting hair that we neglect building opportunities for ourselves beyond the chair. 
In today’s market we have so many options and our goal with this program is to help you explore them, build a vision, strategy and connect you to as many people, resources as possible for you to make it happen. 

The program is directed by Loui Reynoso founder of Barber Society and Modown Barber Exhibit. She has been in the industry for 10 years and has traveled around the country and internationally teaching people how to grow their career. 
Her passion for the industry and the craft is one that translates in a big way. 

Her experience working for companies like Nike, Marlboro, Yakult, Tommy Hilfiger and Ecko along with years in the hospitality/entertainment industry allowed her to merge both the corporate and independent worlds together to create a grass roots movement that has now members from around the world. 

Workshop Calendar: 

June 11th 2019 
Business 1: Psychology of barbering 
This course will help you understand mindset, thoughts, emotions and behavior. How to communicate effectively and have healthy relationships with your clients and team. 

June 25th 2019 
Business 2: The business of barbering 
This Courser will help you explore all of  the career options the barbering industry has to offer. From education, public speaking, product development and sponsorships there are a lot of revenue streams you can tap into. 

July 9th 2019 
Business 3: Building layers into your career. This course is for those who want to grow beyond the chair. If cutting hair full time for the rest of your life isn’t what you want. This workshop will help you identify your options and how to build a business around your strengths and passions. 

July 23rd 2019 
Business 4: Time Management 
Do you want to do more but feel like you don’t have the time to do it. This workshop will help you inventory where you are spending your time and attention. Prioritize what is important to get you to your goals and create habits to keep you accountable. 

August 13th 2019 
Business 5: Team building/ Leadership 
How to recruit the right people. When to hire and fire. Understanding your teams needs and creating solutions. 

August 27th 2019 
Business 6: Branding 
What is a brand? How to create company motto, mission, purpose and culture. 
How to distinguish yourself in the market place. 

September 10th 2019 
Business 7: Marketing 
How to tell your story.
Who to tell your story to. 
Why you tell your story. 
When you tell your story. 
This workshop will show you how to create effective marketing campaigns that gain attention and leave a lasting impression. 

September 24th 2019 
Business 8: Strategy 
An organized course of action to achieve a particular goal. 
In this workshop you will learn how to take your vision and break it down into steps. Delegate task to your team and create clear expectations along with accountability and execution. 

October 8th 2019 
Business 9: Content Creation 
This workshop will help you understand advertisement, ad placements, graphic design, photography, video content and more. 

October 22nd 2019 
Business 10: Partnership 
This workshop will teach you how to build partnership with people and companies that can help your business grow. 
Learn how to pitch a new concept, create a proposal and close the deal. 
Questions: www.barberSociety.org LReynoso@barbersociety.org (310)918-5502