09. June 2017 - 10:00 till 12:00
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19th global marijuana march | Otsego County Courthouse | Friday, 09. June 2017

Organized protest is our right as Americans. Otsego county lets police harass and steal from citizens at will. No more. On World Marijuana March Day. stand up for others that need your help. Help us end cannabis prohibition. Come to the protest with signs and let them know its past time for them to treat all Americans with respect. Not piggy banks. This is ground zero for Michigan and therefore it is where we will be. It is on a Saturday and local shops will have huge discounts available for protestors. Update*****court jury selection 6/6. We march then. In solidarity. A weekday. Be there. The news will. Bring signs asking why dispensaries are allowed in other towns? Why Lansing? Why Detroit? Why traverse city?
  • Sorry, but I will be heading up our 17th year march in T.C. at high noon on the corner of Grandview Pkw. & Union St.. Nineteen years there?? This is the very first time that I have ever heard of it!! I wish you success!!
  • going to Tc for the march
  • I don't have a ride so don't know if I can go but I would love to so I will let u know
  • I am going down from near the Mac Bridge i have extra room in my ride also
  • I'll be there!!
  • every time i edit its says the time changed/ its wont change.
  • Come and join us and spark up in protest. They can shove their Bullshit laws up there asses forever. We're not their sheep anymore.
  • I am not a criminal ... Praise Jah RastafarI and send up prayers of smoke and blessings shall rain down.
  • Come get a free j at the rally with your card and I.d.
  • That's the weekend of the world marijuana March . We have a big thing in Detroit on that.