18. September 2018 - 16:00 till 18:00

Pitch + Catch @25N Geneva | 25N Coworking - Geneva | Tuesday, 18. September 2018

25N's Pitch + Catch connects developing professionals in our coworking community with a diverse audience of thought leaders, advisors, peers, and collaborators. Open to the public, presenters have the opportunity to deliver a 5 minute pitch to both 25N members as well as professionals from surrounding business districts—followed by 20 minutes of engaging and constructive feedback. Join us!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I'm not a 25N member. Can I sign up to pitch?A: Only 25N members are permitted to pitch; however, the public is welcome to join us in the audience, and active participation is encouraged during feedback sessions! Attending a Pitch + Catch is also a great way to try out coworking and to network with our community. However, if your heart is set on pitching, we do offer monthly Club 25N memberships for $25/month.
Q: How many pitchers can sign up for one Pitch + Catch?A: Each event is limited to 3 pitchers, and slots are usually filled a month in advance.
Q: How often do you have Pitch + Catch events?A: Each 25N location holds four Pitch + Catch events per year, usually in late winter, spring, early summer, and fall, on the third Tuesday of the month. You can check our calendar of events for details.
Q: How do I sign up to pitch?A: You can sign up to pitch at an upcoming Pitch + Catch by emailing the Community Manager of the location you'd like to pitch at. Geneva's Community Manager is Lisa; you can reach her at lisa@ tell her that you're interested in pitching at a Pitch + Catch!
Q: What is a pitch and what topics are usually presented at Pitch + Catch?A: Oh, wow. This is a tough one. A pitch can be almost anything: a new business plan, a project you'd like help on, a new (or old) idea, a sales presentation, an introduction to your business... anything that could use refinement or a new perspective. We've had pitchers present their business' tag line, their new book launch, their product for sale, and industry-specific concepts that need simplification. The best way to learn about Pitch + Catch is to join the audience as a spectator, first. If you're still not sure, feel free to ask us before you sign up to pitch!
Q: I'm not a public speaker. How can I benefit from Pitch + Catch?A: Whether it's meeting new people or forging new partnerships, speaking or listening—Pitch + Catch is for everyone. We conduct this event in a wholly inclusive environment; you can participate as much, or as little, as you want—no sweat! The benefits gained by simply listening to the pitchers and their feedback sessions can offer new perspectives and communication tools as well as refresh stale ideas within your own business dealings. Overall, Pitch + Catch serves to bring diverse energies and opportunities into one room—with both expected and unexpected results. And we serve snacks... does that count as a benefit?