24. April 2019 - 18:30
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Ableton Live Crash Course | The Dream Machine | Wednesday, 24. April 2019

We are so excited to announce that The Dream Machine are offering a 4 week crash-course covering the fundamental elements in Ableton Live!  
Focusing on how to build a track from scratch the workshop will cover Drums, Bass, Melody and Vocals as well as touch on different techniques like sampling, live recording, external instruments and effects inside Ableton Live 10.
Throughout the four weeks you will learn how to create a drum track; explore synths, sound banks and external instruments; build a bank of musical ideas to find your hook; pull it all together into the beginnings of a final track.
The course runs on a Pay What You Decide basis and is open to anyone from any background.
About The Dream Machine
The Dream Machine empowers people to relax, play and create regardless of background or circumstance.
We do this by designing accessible sensory immersive experiences that help overcome common factors that cause stress and stifle creativity in people.
Using advanced technology and artistic techniques we deliver relaxation sessions, family play, day raves, healthy sensory exercise activities, workshops and much more.