16. January 2018 - 17:30
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Mindfulness for Business Leaders Series (includes Mindfulness Over Masala®) | Office Evolution | Tuesday, 16. January 2018

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What Is It?
This 10-workshop series is designed for senior leaders in organizations; attend as many or all sessions!  The whole series will be offered in 0.24% of the available hours in a year -- surely you can invest that much time in yourself?  Take advantage of this introductory pricing!
In each session, you will receive mindfulness training, practice meditation, learn more about a relevant work-related topic, meet like-minded leaders, network and last but not the least, once a quarter enjoy Mindfulness Over Masala® -- in other words, once a quarter you will enjoy the discussion over an Indian meal!

Who Should Attend?
Senior Organizational Leaders (Example:  C-suite, HR and Benefits Professionals, Entrepreneur, Vice President, Senior Director, Executive Director)

Why Should You Attend?
If well-being and self-awareness are priorities for you, join this series.  It will provide the opporunity to learn mindfulness from an experienced teacher and will contribute to your mental well-being.  In turn it will provide the foundation to develop your self-awareness as a leader.  Last but not the least, it will also give you the benefit of practicing with others which is a profound experience.
If you are interested in developing teams in a thoughtful and effective way, join this series.  You will receive the opportunity to reflect on your team process, interactions and ways you want to grow team-members.   It will provide an opportunity to share with and learn from other leaders.  
If engaging in discussions to find creative solutions to organizational challenges is a priority for you, join this series.  It will provide an opportunity to apply mindfulness in real-world situations, brainstorm with your peers, and effect change together.

When Should You Attend?
Choose to attend one, two or more events -- or for the best deal, join us all year!  You can make these selections when you register and checkout.  Select specific sessions or select the ALL option at checkout.  

[1/16/18 5:30-8:30pm] What Leaders Need To Do To Stay Present.  In a world filled with distractions, learn how leaders can intentionally shift their attention to stay focused on what is most important to them. Mindfulness over Masala® included!

[2/20/18 5:30-7:00pm] Leaders Need To Give a **** About Their Feelings!  Sensing emotions and somatic clues are not mainstream corporate culture.  Learn how paying attention to these cues can simplify challenges and promote health.

[3/13/18 5:30-7:00pm] Stress Can Help You; But Then It Can Also Hurt You.  Stress has a role in work and play but it also can go undetected and unchallenged leading to health problems, fatigue, leadership ineffectiveness and a lack of engagement.  Learn how this may be affecting you and your teams -- and explore ways to reduce stress.

[3/27/18 5:30-7:00pm] Habits to Encourage Prioritization & Time Management.  Mind chatter and external distractions often leaves us unfocused and unmotivated.  Learn simple mindfulness techniques and practical applications to manage your prioritization and time.

[5/15/18 5:30-8:30pm] We Can’t Live & Work Without Each Other!  When was the last time you successfully launched a product or completed a project by yourself?  No matter how much we wish we could solve every problem by ourselves, inevitably, we need the support and expertise of others. This in turn opens up relationships we love and those we don't love so much.  Learn more about how awareness, and perspective can shift our relationships, for the better.  Mindfulness over Masala® included!

[6/19/18 5:30-7:00pm] Team Engagement, and Well-Being.  Join this session to reflect on how your team is progressing.  Discuss with your peers ways to improve engagement, and well-being of your employees -- and learn how this impacts the bottom-line.

[8/21/18 5:30-8:30pm] The Journey from Individual Contributor to CEO.  Individual contributors make great CEOs. But how do they shift from a product-only focus one day to a product, people and profit focus the next? Many individual contributors struggle silently through this journey, unable to shift mindset and behaviors required for desired success. We will focus on how developing mindfulness as a skill can help you monitor and regulate this behavior, teach you to be resilient, while reframing your thoughts toward positivity and productivity. Mindfulness over Masala® included!

[9/18/18 5:30-7:00pm] Change is the Only Constant.  Change is an integral part of everyday life.  Whether the event of change is big or small, everyone has some level of resistance and oftentimes struggle to navigate their way through it.  Join this session to practice and learn ways to move through change with more grace and ease.

[10/16/18 5:30pm-7:00pm] Diversity&Inclusion: Awareness,Attention&Alternatives.  The 3A's that can benefit important conversations -- developing awareness, evaluating alternatives and placing attention accordingly.  Join this session to reflect and identify new ways to impact the success of your teams.

[12/4/18 5:30-8:30pm] Is Workplace Culture More Than A Set Of Expectations?  Everyone wants a "culture" they love to work in...and yet, most employees are "checking boxes" and say "it's just a job".  Be part of the discussion to positively catapult workplace culture where people WANT to go to work, WANT to be around the people they are and WANT to bring collective success, aligned with protecting global communities, and resources. Mindfulness over Masala® included!

Where should you attend?
All events will be hosted live in Golden, CO.  Virtual options will be made available, on request.

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