29. December 2019 - 11:00 till 15:00
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Sunday Funday | Prairie Lakes GC | Dec 29 | Prairie Lakes Golf Course | Sunday, 29. December 2019

Join LPGA AGA Fort Worth for SUNDAY FUNDAY, an event scheduled for the last Sunday of every month, 11AM-ish in the cold months and 9AM-ish in the warmer months, no matter what.  We meet at Prairie Lakes Golf Course in Grand Prairie.  NON-MEMBERS WELCOME!
If the weather turns bad on us, we will still get together and share a meal and tell golf stories!  

Cost is $45 (riding), $25 (walking), with free range ***** -- to be paid at the golf course.
The goal is to build relationships that include golf as the reason, friendships as the bonus.  The Dallas Chapter members will be invited to join us. 
The idea is that no matter what, there is always at least one event that will never get cancelled for whatever reason.  If the weather prevents golf on the regularly scheduled date, then we still get together for breakfast or lunch. There is a great BBQ restaurant on-site - Eddlemon’s.  If for some reason, the course and the restaurant are both closed, then we will find an alternative restaurant nearby. 
Jeri Phillips coordinates and will develop, revise and oversee Sunday Funday.