10. November 2017 - 19:30
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Free Beginner Cuban salsa and Rueda Class | Arts in Motion Studio | Friday, 10. November 2017

Open to anyone and everyone! Come learn the basics of Cuban style salsa dancing and Rueda de Casino! Feel free to stay for the non-beginner/intermediate class that goes from 8-9:30pm as well. During the first half hour we'll get you moving with enough of the basics to keep up with the non-beginners, even if you don't know all the moves!

Please wear indoor only shoes in the studio to help keep the floor clean, and bring a water bottle or something else to drink. Wear comfortable clothes as we move a lot!
  • Do you have any classes closer to Muskegon area?
  • Is this just for tonight?!
  • Won't be able to make it tonight. We are sitting the grandkids.
  • Yes! Who's ready to DANCE tonight? Beginners at 7:30pm, non-beginners at 8-ish.
  • I have a family Christmas party. I will be there if it is done by 8.
  • We are dancing tonight! Beginners can join us at 7:30pm for an intro lesson. Non-beginners join a little later for some review and practice and FUN! :)
  • Quick question... is this a drop-in one time class? Or a class series to attend every session? I'm SUPER interested and just looking to understand more about what to expect... :)
  • I'm going to miss class this next Friday. :(