28. January 2018 - 12:00 till 15:00
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RAGING ON REEDS | Reeds Lake | Sunday, 28. January 2018

Here it is folks the event you've all been waiting for, Raging on Reeds.

It's an in YOUR ****, four up BICYCLE circle track race on ice. Each racer will try to work their way through the elimination rounds leading to a final heat where we will crown the champ. Each racer races at least twice.

Three categories.
Unlimited studded, men and women combined.
Run whatcha brung. Divided into gender.

Practice and registration at 11:30.

Race starts at noon following the national anthem.

Where? On the lake right behind the yacht club. Look for a circle track with a dude with a green helmet.

Prizes, awards, sponsors, NOTHING! This is for bragging rights and a good time.

Technology in studding is unlimited. You can put a skate on the front. You can make a steel spiked death wheel. I don't care!

Stipulation. We must have safe thick ice. Otherwise no go. I'll keep you posted.

Ohh!! How much does it cost? It's FREE!!