24. February 2018 - 23:00
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RAVE from the GRave | Grand Rapids, Michigan | Saturday, 24. February 2018

Saturday night February 24, 2018 is the official date for : RAVE from the GRave - The Revolution. We are going UNDERGROUND & we have booked a semi A LARGE VENUE so get ready FINALLY!! This will take place close to DOWNTOWN Grand Rapids. We will post the exact location 48 hours prior. Tickets ( options will be general admission & VIP all access ) will go on sale between Christmas & New Years 2018. Ticket Prices TBA.

Sponsor's : Playboy & PLAYBOY Energy Drink, Bacardi , BuzzBallz , Crafthouse Cocktails, DeLeón Tequila, Parrot Bay, Q Drinks, Stillhouse, Swiss Mountain Coffee, UV Vodka, Viniq, Sparkling Nuvo - Official Page, Xellent Vodka, & The Community Voice-La Voz Magazine

3 stages - 1 Hour DJ's rotation ( solo & then pair rotations ) & YES a light show of glow like you have NOT seen since LA underground in the 90's.
  • RAVE from the GRave
  • Marcus Gatewood
  • I'm excited!
  • Audra, What is this?
  • Are we allowed to bring in cameras?
  • Is it 18+ show? It better be lol
  • Is this **** gonna pop off??
  • I am excited to add 3 new beverage sponsor's & we will have rep's their giving away some " COOL " promotional items.
  • Sean Joseph Vizzini Chelsea Malz Joe Murphy Twizzy Toxi I really want to go to this anyone in?
  • Just let us no when to buy tickets
  • Sandra Leigh, this looks great ! Ashley Wallace
  • where can i purchase tickets?
  • Rachel Sedgewick?
  • My friends the election season for me of officially complete. I am sorry very sorry for the long delay over and over - Buckle up & get ready - We are about to make history together and show this city just whats a REAL RAVE from the GRave is all about..... Enter @ your own RISK - We are NOT liable if you do not make it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  • Samantha Stewart lets go
  • Still happening??
  • What's the age limit?
  • I am interested in vending my art at this event. Please let me know.
  • Adam Gray either this is being put on by the cops or we are totally going
  • I am a flow artists and fire performer with 5+years of experience! I'm very interested in performing if I could be pointed in the proper direction of who to speak to!!
  • Bryce VanderLaan
  • yeyo Ruben ?
  • Samantha Ryan our christmas presents to eo 😍😍 santa girl raversssss legooooo
  • I know where it's at 😈but I ain't telling
  • Day after winter solstice. Pagan uprising!!