23. October 2019 - 18:30 till 20:00
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Neurosensory Alphabet Soup | Green Bay Country Club, Inc. | Wednesday, 23. October 2019

“Raising a Superhero Kid” Talk Series: Workshop #2
Neurosensory Alphabet Soup: ADHD, ADD, OCD, ABC’s

Experts now consider ADHD to be the most commonly encountered neurosensory disorder of childhood.

1 in 32 kids and 1 in 26 boys have Autism

According to the DEA the vast majority of prescriptions for amphetamine and methylphenidate (Ritalin) are for children diagnosed with ADHD.

The USA produces and consumes 85% of the world's production of this highly addictive substance.

1 in 6 Children have a Developmental Disability

Motor incoordination and disruptions in important developmental functions are a common thread in most of these disorders.

54% of our children have a Chronic Illness

What is a possible cause of these Neurobehavioral Issues?
What can we begin to do to protect our children?