11. June 2018 - 19:00
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Advanced Microsoft Excel 2017 training class | 5510 Cherrywood Ln | Monday, 11. June 2018

Audience(s):                      Information Workers
Technology:                       MS Excel
Level:                                    Beginner
Delivery method:            Classroom
Length:                                 2 days
Language(s):                      English - Spanish
This Advanced Microsoft Excel 2017 training class is designed for to gain the skills necessary to use pivot tables, audit and analyze worksheet data, utilize data tools, collaborate with others, and create and manage macros.
After completing this course, students will be able to:

Create basic worksheets using Microsoft Excel 2016.
Perform calculations in an Excel worksheet.
Modify an Excel worksheet.
Modify the appearance of data within a worksheet.
Manage Excel workbooks.
Print the content of an Excel worksheet.
Learn how to use handy features new in 2016.

Available day and night schedules
(301) 613 – 0288       (301) 906 - 5161