27. May 2017 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Once Upon a Time In Magfed: a MagfedSociety Scenario | Linglestown Paintball and Airsoft. | Saturday, 27. May 2017

Pistol Only Scenerio. Capped game at 80 players max. Stay tuned for more game and registration info.
  • Ok we have our deputies that will have access to their long gun for select missions. To counter balance we have one mission (and one mission only) were the outlaws will need access to a Gatling gun. First player to type "IN" will be allowed to use a box mag for said mission (following the usual MFS box rules).....and go.
  • Trial fitting. Please let there be cold weather.
  • Hmmmm.......
  • 3 way scrub duels??? Whose down????
  • Finally preregistered and since I wasn't chosen as deputy..they are all now on my hit list including Rayrock lol
  • So excited to play in this game....even though I'm washed..
  • *** CLOSED *** Looking for Marshals and Deputies. We need 8 players to volunteer. These players will be the ONLY players allowed long guns (standard magazines or breach load. No drums or boxes). You will be split on game day as the game dictates. The first 8 players to type "IN" will be allowed to bring their long guns (as it is displayed on our screen). We will send notification to those who have been deputized.......and go!
  • My body is ready.
  • Miguel Real you coming?
  • No patches for this event???..What gives?.. Andre Rodriguez Make it happen E-Celeb!
  • Scrub duels beloveds!
  • Coming up with my best friend for his bachelor party for Once Upon a Time in Magfed...is there anything we can do for him special for that day?
  • I'm looking for a shoulder belt to carry my mags for this event...does anyone have an idea on something. Preferably MOLLE and for a bigger dude.
  • Is this ok as a cqw?
  • Can we dress up in western themed attire? Thinking about about being a lady gunslinger.
  • Trying to find this patch for the event. Post up or pm me link if you know where to find it.
  • What paint grenades smoke grenades and flashbangs are allowed for this event Also what are the rules for engaging with cqw. Never had this presented as an offer before now
  • Updated Rules. (Text version in comments) - Roundball field paint only - FSR - BYOP or available from field - .50 - BYOP Registration Link - http://www.linglestownpaintball.com/events.php #Magfed | #Magfedsociety | #Paintball
  • Is there any plans on getting an event patch made up like Rising Sun?
  • I have just registered my best friend and myself for this. Lets do this.
  • Is this going to be a 5v5 type tournament? Sorry if I'm late and not paying attention!!
  • I just ordered very Limited quantity of shirts for this event they will be raffled off day of.
  • Meet you in the square at high noon! Link is up! #magfed | #pistolonly | #hangemhigh
  • I was asked today about registration and how many spots are still open. Also if you have to preregister. And where to do that.