27. May 2017 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Once Upon a Time In Magfed: a MagfedSociety Scenario | Linglestown Paintball and Airsoft. | Saturday, 27. May 2017

Pistol Only Scenerio. Capped game at 80 players max. Stay tuned for more game and registration info.
  • Even though I won't be able to make it tomorrow, this is how I imagine what the staging area will look like.
  • Jam for tomorrow
  • Sorry Butt Cowboys... Marshall Castle has been called away on urgent bounty business... Won't be making it out tomorrow. Gotta pay a 200$$ stupidity tax for bringing my guns to town. See you ladies at Mob Wars the 11th... Happy Trails...
  • ANTHEM for your ride out to the west.....
  • you gonna pull them pistols or stand there whistling dixie....? 48 hours out!
  • I'm ready
  • Man in black goals. Anyone got an extra hat?
  • Here it is, the last guess what movie this gif is from. It's been fun amigos, but we need to ride off into the sunset now. Before we do though, he's one more shot at being the quickest draw out there. If you have won before, mum is the word on this. Remember, only answer if you are attending the event. Now... Draw! https://media.giphy.com/media/qj5QbvDPcMfzG/giphy.gif
  • Ok gun slingers. We have one more fun twist lined up for you. We already lined up some deputies with some long range punch and we even managed to get an old Gatling gun working. However, we think we needed one more cheat in our pistol extravaganza. Hidden away on the field (but not impossible to find) is an ever elusive flux capacitor. If you find it, you can gain access to Marty McFly and his cast iron armor. Who ever finds and activates the capacitor can use the one and only one riot shield that will be allowed on the field. Good luck.
  • Round three! Want to get a Donut Patch? Here at MFS we aren't fans of over charging for raffle tickets and lining our pockets in the name of giving away. All you need to do is guess what movie this gif is from to score something cool from us. If you have won already, please give someone else a chance. Only those attending can try their luck. If your name is Beast #shutupjerk. I already have a different patch planned for you! https://68.media.tumblr.com/10432560efb8dd70b21e12856d70a398/tumblr_o80f0enLm11v904g0o1_400.gif
  • Get your shooters ready magfed. During lunch, those that want to participle can step outside the saloon for a friendly shooting contest. Top three shooters get to take home some hook and loop courtesy of one of the best outfitters in the Wild West, the MAGFED PROSHOP. See you there magfed! #magfed | #magfedsociety | #wildwest
  • Just incase. anyone have a ride from NYC to the game? will pay accordingly for the gas and tolls
  • https://youtu.be/_px4BcV88BE
  • Before you head out to lunch, here's another chance to get a patch. What MOVIE is this gif from. Also, only those attending the game will be able to get a patch from here on out http://i.imgur.com/PpDy6pE.gif
  • Always love this movie.
  • Here you go ladies...
  • Patch give away time. If you're anything like us, you've been watching Westerns to get into the mood. First person to answer where this gif is from, gets a Donut Patch. http://www.michaelbransonsmith.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Tector-Gorch-On-The-Gatlin-Gun.gif
  • So it seems that work screwed Corey Lane over for this event and I am going to be left with an extra ticket. If someone needs one let me know.
  • Did I just read byoFSR? BOIII
  • Ya gotta be quick......
  • ***Closed*** Ok we have our deputies that will have access to their long gun for select missions. To counter balance we have one mission (and one mission only) were the outlaws will need access to a Gatling gun. First player to type "IN" will be allowed to use a box mag for said mission (following the usual MFS box rules).....and go. There is a twist however. The Gatling gun is a Heavy 3 weapon (ya we snuck in a 40k reference.) You may not move and shoot. You must be stationary when firing. It's an old school Gatling gun after all 😋
  • Trial fitting. Please let there be cold weather.