09. March 2017 - 19:00
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Dead Air | Solo Exhibition of Samuel Adam Swope (9 Mar - 2 Apr) | 百呎公園 100ft. PARK | Thursday, 09. March 2017

Dead Air | Solo Exhibition of Samuel Adam Swope

Exhibition Period : 9 March - 2 April 2017
Opening Reception : 9 March 2016 (19:00 – 23:00 )
Address : 1/F ,220 Apliu Street, Sham Shui Po ,Kowloon, Hong Kong
Opening Hour : Thursday – Sunday , 16:00 – 20:00 (Other time by appointment only)

About The Exhibition
Over the course of the exhibition, a dead (broken) ceiling fan is brought back to life with 12 little propeller fans that work together. The little fans (micro) push and pulse so that the bigger fan (macro) can circulate air again, like shanties turning a capstan. The 12 little fans run on a 7 minute program loop, which is designed for longevity and choreography - air becomes the instrument to the perceived sound. Every time the dead ceiling fan resurrects, it continues circulating until the propeller fans run out of cell energy. 46° and 12° accompany Dead Air and are described as two abstract ritual objects that are embodied by a "line of heat" and "line of cold".

About The Artist
Born in Missouri in 1984 and currently based in Hong Kong, Samuel Adam Swope is an artist most recognized for his Aerial Art and for inventing novel situations with artistic merit. For him, the Aerial Arts are works that integrate flight or levitation as a means of visual expression, and which may also use air or gas as a physical medium. He believes with innovative techniques and an increasing accessibility of contemporary flight technologies, the possibility for a more radical and spectacular aerial art is possible.

2017年3月9日- 4月2日
2016年3月9日(19:00 - 23:00)
地址:香港 九龍深水埗鴨寮街220號1樓
開放時間︰星期四至日,下午4時至晚上8時 (其他時間參觀敬請預約)

展覽期間,十二把小型螺旋槳風扇將令一把破舊的吊扇起死回生。小型的風扇(微)產生向前的推動力,較大的吊扇(宏)因而能再次使空氣流動,如借水手的號子推動絞盤。十二把小型風扇以七分鐘的設定運行,目的是為了持久和作編曲之用 ― 空氣成了發出聲響的樂器。每當破舊的吊扇復活,它將循環運行,直至小型風扇耗盡能量。Dead Air 旁的46° 和 12°,如兩件抽象並象徵「熱之線」和「冷之線」的祭祀物。

Samuel Adam Swope生於1984年美國密蘇里州,現於香港生活及工作。他的空中藝術作品和創作富有藝術價值的新穎情境為人所熟悉。他認為空中藝術作品結合飛行和懸浮成視覺表達的方式,空氣或氣體也可以是實體媒介。藉著創新的技術和當代飛行科技的普及,他相信能創作更多前衛和引人入勝的空中藝術作品。