18. July 2017 - 20:00
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224 Marriage Talk Tuesday | 224 Marriage Ministry | Tuesday, 18. July 2017

Let's discuss the ins and outs of marriage! Different topics, different issues... Let's talk!!!
  • There will be NO LIVE tonight! We will resume next week, on the 26th. Merry Christmas to you all & God bless you! ~224
  • I always see invitations but no link to join.
  • Tonight at 7:30pm central time... Let's discuss "9 Traits That Hold Him Back". Hmm..... What's keeping your man from being the man that he is supposed to be? https://facebook.com/twoheartstogetherforever
  • Need invite to you all's personal fb.
  • It’s always hard to find the live link
  • Here is the 🔗 to our page... Https://facebook.com/twoheartstogetherforever
  • @TwoHeartsTogetherForever or 224 Marriage Ministry is the page on facebook. LIVE IN 8 MINUTES...
  • We'll be answering your questions tonight live... In a little under one hour. On the 224 MARRIAGE MINISTRY page, NOT HERE... you have to go like the actual page (not this event) to be able to view is live.
  • Greetings all... Please keep in mind that we will not be having the 224 marriage talk this evening due to a prior commitment! Please be sure to join us next Tuesday, November 21st as we will resume our weekly broadcast then! ~224
  • On Facebook & Instagram in 15 minutes... Join us!
  • I️ can’t seem to view the live
  • Tonight's (Oct. 10, 2017) broadcast is cancelled due to a scheduling conflict. Please be sure to tune in next week when we return!! ~224
  • Now on FB & Instagram live... No longer doing the call in option! Join is tonight!