14. June 2019 - 12:00
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Anime Matsuri 2019 Artist Alley | George R. Brown Convention Center | Friday, 14. June 2019

Commercial (licensed) items are not allowed, nor are direct reproductions of work that is not the artist`s own. The Artist Alley provides full tables and 2 chairs. Due to safety issues, there may only be four persons behind a full table at any given time.
The Artist Alley is all about the promotion of creative works – please, use your best judgment in what you bring and sell! Prints, independently-produced comics/doujinshi, commissioned drawings, and independently-produced small merchandise are all permissible. Charging for services outside these realms will not be allowed.
Anime Matsuri has a No Refund policy for tables. If you do not check in by 11AM on the first day of the event, your table will be forfeited and canceled. Walk-in registration for Artist Alley is not allowed. A valid state sales tax permit is required and must be presented at check-in. Set up is only allowed on Friday after you check in. Artists may NOT start setting up on Thursday.
Sharing and splitting of tables is strictly prohibited. Only a maximum of two (2) tables may be purchased per company/artist.
Artists are not obligated to remain at their tables for the duration at the convention, but it is strongly suggested that artists not leave any belongings unsupervised. Anime Matsuri and convention staff are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. Creative displays are allowed, but may not take up space in the walkway or infringe another artist`s space. It is suggested that displays be easy to collapse and transport.
*****-themed art is permissible in the Artist Alley, but must not be directly visible to passers-by. Artists may display a sign that advertises an *****-themed portfolio, but may not show or sell ***** material to anyone below 18 years of age. Artists are expected to act according to the *** Rules that apply to all Anime Matsuri attendees. Please treat fellow artists with consideration and respect.
Due to the increasing size of the Artist Alley and Convention, we will not provide electricity to the Artist Alley. Anyone requiring power can get it directly from the convention center, at check-in.
For any questions, please email the Artist Alley Director at artists@animematsuri.com. For More information please visit www.animematsuri.com

Refunds and Additional Badges

Up to 3 Additional Artist Alley badges may be purchased for $55 each and can only be bought when you purchase an Artist Alley table. Once you have completed your order, you may not add additional badges or edit your purchase.
Transfers of tables are NOT allowed. If you are unable to attend, you may request a refund and your table will be opened to the next person on the Waitlist.
Refund requests must be sent to reg@animematsuri.com. All refunds are subject to a service fee of $10 per table and $5 per Additional Badge until February 28, 2019. All requests after that until May 15, 2019 will only be granted a 50% refund. There are no refunds after May 15, 2019. If after May 15, 2019, you find that you are unable to attend, please notify reg@animematsuri.com so that your table can be released to the next person on the Waitlist.