30. March 2018 - 11:00
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Anime Matsuri XII | Anime Matsuri Convention | Friday, 30. March 2018

Join us for our 12th annual event for Japanese animation, cosplay, music, fashion, games, exhibits and much much more!
  • FEMM live in concert! Let's dance!
  • Anyone else going the 30 and 31 cosplaying as a Disney princess?
  • Are we getting Tokyo Attack this year?
  • 2 questions: 1. Is it too late to apply for panels? 2. If not and we're approved, will we still have to pay for badges?
  • Jpop and ballet shoes! Party!
  • My brother and I want to see if we can join the Car Show, where do we sign up and what are the rules.
  • Anime Matsuri's HentaiFest 2018 with Special Guest JAV actress and idol singer, Yua Mikami. Strictly 18+. 2 thumbs up!
  • Does this event have one day pass? If so, when can we buy?
  • I just booked my room so what's is going on Thursday
  • JUST 5 DAYS LEFT to apply for Anime Matsuri Convention Staff! ❣️ DEADLINE IS JAN 8TH ❣️ Apply here ➡️ http://bit.ly/VolunteerAM2018 We are the 2nd largest Anime Convention in the nation! But no matter how big we get, we must not lose sight of the vision of AM. Be apart of us on this journey as we make history and join the family!
  • Aliga, Ni Hao!
  • my birthday is on sunday :D . i'm excited... but i want to know if the maid cafe is gonna be here this year and where can i buy the tickets for that?
  • I know it might be too early but I'm willing to give anyone like 50-100 bucks to let me crash in their room Saturday night.
  • I'm doing Idolmaster if anyone would like a group !
  • Happy New Year folks! Don't forget! Anime Matsuri is the only place to see the amazing Evangelion Exhibition outside of Japan.
  • At what time is everyone going to be at the convention? I’m gonna be there possibly after school
  • Selling Asuka racing cosplay for those who are interested. Bought custom made from ebay seller. Measurements Bust 32-34 Waist 24-26 Hip 34-36 Shoe size 7 Not exactly like the pic but very similar.
  • The Official Evangelion Exhibition is coming to Anime Matsuri 2018.
  • We have expanded many aspects of Anime Matsuri, like Tabletop Gaming. There will be at least 8 tournaments throughout the weekend. Check out the link below for details.
  • Can we have enough pretty boys? Say Hello to KILLER KING from B-PROJECT.
  • 2018 will be a big year for Tabletop Gaming.
  • Look Gina!
  • Meet the boys of MOONS! Love those outfits!
  • Say hello to the boys of THRIVE from B-PROJECT.
  • I need to go again this year