07. May 2018 - 11:00
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Barber Advisory Council Meeting | Moore Unique Skin Care | Monday, 07. May 2018

The Barber Advisory Council Needs You!
We are offering you a chance to serve on the Moore Unique Skin Care’s Barber Advisory Council (BAC) and become a leader in your Barbering industry. BAC amembers are leaders in the industry as influencers: licensed professional barbers who are excited about the industry’s possibilities and how Moore Unique Skin Care can help shape it. Learn and expand your knowledge base of your customer’s hair, scalp and **** – give your clients a better outcome.  This opportunity sets you apart from all the other Barbers.
Over the years, Dr. Milton D. Moore, M.D., a leading African American dermatologist, has worked tirelessly to develop several of the finest grooming and shaving products that has helped thousands of people with pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB) also know as razor bumps. He has a longstanding clinical and research interest in skincare, and disorders of scalp and hair including hair loss in men and women of color.
 Dr. Moore encourages industry professionals like you to join BAC. By joining Barber Advisory Council, you’ll receive hands on training directly from Dr. Moore. Discover how you will expand your knowledge base of your customer’s hair, scalp and ****. You’ll also gain knowledge that will help elevate your professional skills and grow your business through exposure to our end user (customers). Your clients will see you as more knowledgeable.
 It’s easy to participate in the Barber Advisory Council, the commitment is a few hours per year. Our support team will be with you every step of the way to guide you, help you and provide any materials you need to be successful in expansion of your business and representing us as a business professional. 
Milton D Moore, MD
Barber Advisory Council, Founder and President

We hope to see ou there!