14. December 2019 - 9:00 till 17:00
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Beginner Psychic/ Mediumship Workshop, Houston, TX | Spring Hill Suites, Houston Bush Intercontinental Airport Hotel | Saturday, 14. December 2019

This Event is Presented by The Los Angeles School for the Spiritual Arts

We are all mediums!It's true, we are all born with the ability to receive messages from the spirit world. As humans we are constantly receiving messages from the spirit world. Wouldn't you like to know what is coming from you, and what is coming from the spirit world?This workshop was created to help you develop your Mediumship gifts from zero.This is a one day workshop that will teach you everything you need to know as you get started on your Mediumship journey. The goal for this workshop is to help you understand how you work as a soul, what your natural abilities are, and help you open up the one ones you have, and didn't know about.Please join us for this very informative, and life changing workshop!​(This workshop will prepare you for Development Groups.)Space is limited!
Topics that are  covered in the Workshop:

How to Ground Yourself
 How to Discover Your Life Purpose
 Learn about Spirit Guides, and meet yours.
 Angels; what they are, and how to connect with them.
The 'Clairs.'
How to connect with your own Spirit Family, and Angel
Automatic Writing
How to clear your energy, and raise your vibration.
How to clear your house.
Haunted Houses; what are they, and how to clear them.
How to do a reading on someone.
And much more...

LectureDuring the first 45-60 minutes of the class I'll talk in-depth, about your spirit guides, angels, life path, and how the soul works. I'll also discuss mediumship; why we are all born with this ability, and how we can use this gift to better our lives by connecting to the otherside. Finding Your Own AbilitiesIn this part of the workshop we'll discuss the different types of abilities (Psychic, Mediumship, Empath), and find out what abilities you have!You'll learn several exercises that will help you uncover your own abilities, and truly know what type of gifts you have naturally. After these exercises I go around and read each person to validate what abilities they have.Making The ConnectionFirst we'll start out by connecting you to your passed loved ones and spirit guides. I do this by guiding you through a meditation that will help you to see, hear, and feel the spirit people that are around you. We'll go around the group and talk about what you saw, and make sense of it. Then I'll tell you who I see around you, and anything you should know about them, or any messages they have for you. Knowing who is around you is so important! This knowlege really gives you an understanding of who is around you, and that they are ready and available for you to connect with.Connecting on Your OwnIn this part of the Workshop I'll teach you how to use your natural mediumship abilities to connect with your Loved Ones and Spirit Guides. I will teach you several methods including hearing voices, seeing images, feeling, knowing, and automatic writing. Lastly, I'll show you an easy method of communication called dowsing. LunchLunch is provided by hotel catering. There will be  vegan, gluten free, and nut free options available. Snacks and water are provided all dayConnecting to OthersIn this second half of the workshop, you'll learn how to do a reading on someone, and connect to their loved ones and spirit guides. I will discuss the types of gifts that you may have (Psychic, Mediumship, and Empathic), and teach you different methods of reading. You'll have the opportunity to practice reading someone in the class. Then we'll sit down, and talk about what you got from your reading. Through your reading, we will determine what abilities you use naturally, what abilities you can open up, and who is around you in spirit helping you. Final WordsAt the end you'll have a chance to ask questions, and get clarity on anything that we discussed. Before sending you off, I'll give you some homework that will help you continue to grow your Mediumship abilities. This homework will include several meditations, which you can record, and tips and tricks for raising your vibration.Class CapacityThis workshop has a maximum capacity of 16 people. I like to keep the workshops small so that we can work closer to discover more about you, and help you in moving forward with your gifts. Each person will receive one-on-one ability analysis, and validation for the information they get. This method of teaching can only be done in a small group. What should I bring?  Just bring a note book or paper, and something to write with. You can bring a pendulum, or a homemade pendulum (something heavy on a string, like a ring on a chain). Wear something comfortable, you'l be sitting and moving around all day.ParkingParking is always free in the venue's lot.​

About the InstructorHillary Michaels is the founder of the Los Angeles School of the Spiritual Arts, she also has her own Mediumship practice. She's taught over 300 classes, and workshops since her school opened in 2013. Hillary really enjoys working with students to help them find meaning and purpose in their natural gifts, and is very good at helping them open up new ones. She has mentored and trained hundreds of students all the way up to professional. ​You can visit her website at happycentric.com.
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