02. May 2019 - 9:00 till 12:00
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Driving ROI with Cloud Storage Consolidation | | Thursday, 02. May 2019

Managing data in the enterprise requires strong security, centralization, and collaboration strategies, but it has to be backed by a solid ROI methodology.  In the distributed enterprise, this is especially tough, as a result of the ‘islands of storage’ that seem to reside in locations everywhere.  Cloud storage offers a way to bring this data into a single consolidated footprint, with a well-defined ROI while greatly simplifying the data management task across an enterprise.
Come and learn about the benefits of cloud storage consolidation:

Use an enterprise-class file service in the cloud, complete with full data protection, storage efficiency, and centralization strategies

Optimize user collaboration around the world for seamless file-sharing

Eliminate backup/data management/local compliance roadblocks throughout the distributed enterprise

Learn from renowned industry analyst Greg Schulz of StorageIO how to apply the ROI methodology behind this platform and how to utilize it within your environment

Join AWS, NetApp, and Talon Storage for a hands-on event demonstrating the power of cloud storage consolidation. We will be providing an executive lunch during the event for all attendees. Come and learn how to utilize the full power of the cloud to increase revenue, improve data management, and create a consistent global ROI for your enterprise.