04. April 2020 - 13:00 till 17:00
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Flash Creative Nonfiction 2020-112 | Inprint House | Saturday, 04. April 2020

Short But Sweet

In this generative intensive workshop, we will explore the emerging sub-genre of Micro Memoir/Flash Nonfiction (FNF) by reading published work, sharing craft essays on form, and writing together, in class, new work of our own. For those new to FNF, flash prose includes any non-lineated creative writing piece under 750-words (roughly 3 pages double-spaced standard 12-point font). Little but fierce, these works build stakes, provoke emotions, and pack the punch of many longer pieces. Looking at the essays of FNF masters Jill Talbot, Chelsea Biondollilo, Brenda Miller, and Diane Seuss while arguing for (or against) the inclusion of Mark Twain, Maggie Smith, and Claudia Rankine in the FNF canon, we’ll investigate what “flash” illuminates and find out for ourselves just how much “macro” one can cram into a “micro” piece. During our time together, we’ll explore form and content that lead directly into writing prompts, ensuring that, no matter how busy your life is outside of Inprint, this weekend you will be writing. This course is a great fit for those looking to build and boost a regular writing practice, explore new forms, and create a writing community here in Houston. The course will also include a discussion of the submission process, literary journals, cover letters, and publication. Be prepared to experience “economy of language” on a whole new level. All are welcome regardless of whether you’ve taken a creative nonfiction course before, or are entering the genre for the first time.