22. September 2019 - 10:00 till 11:15
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A Free Emotional Wholeness & Wellbeing Masterclass - TRANSCENDENCE | SPECTRUM CENTER (at The PRESERVE) | Sunday, 22. September 2019

Join Harry Ogbogu and the Ascend Higher team at TRANSCENDENCE, a free weekly teaching & healing masterclass that aims to lovingly guide you into your TRUTH, so that you can answer this one question, "Who do I know that I really am?".
The answer to this one question is where your true prosperity & freedom lies.
Many of us live with broken hearts because of abandonment, rejection, shame, guilt, helplessness, unloving & unkind life experiences or plain ignorance about who we really are.
We have learned to cope with feeling unwanted, unloveable, unattractive, unacceptable, unworthy & unimportant because we do not have the tools that can support us in becoming HEALED, WHOLE and FREE from the limitations placed on us by our conditioned thoughts about ourselves.
An inward change is required to create the outward change desired.
It is our mission to address the healing of your HEART with new life-affirming teachings, presented via a new model of thinking about;your relationship with yourself,your relationship with your path,your relationship others,your relationship with your past,your relationship with your patterns& your relationship with your purpose.
This class is designed to help you;Heal your MIND & HEART as you grow in your TRUTH,Live an authentic & prosperous life,& Unlearn Unworthy & self-sabotaging patterns of behavior
No questions about life are off-limits during the Q&A part of the class.
Due to Limited seating, pls RSVP to get a spot
Light Refreshments will be served
For more information visit https://www.iascend.me/