25. October 2017 - 15:30 till 23:00
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Horrorthon: H3 | Edwards Houston Marq'E Stadium 23 & IMAX | Wednesday, 25. October 2017

Join us for an evening of Horror, FREE for all, several short films, 3 feature films, Special Blood, donate Food, ....get free tickets and guaranteed seating!! All others First come first serve!
  • Director Adam Marcus and writer Debra Sullivan talking about filmmaking with film students at Houston Art Institute film department
  • I’ll be coming with some food donations! What’s the best time to arrive ?
  • Bring anything you want Signed by Director Adam Marcus or writer / actress Debra Sullivan they will sign it absolutely free. But if you need items, like mini poster of photo signed we have limited number available for $5.00 and $10.00 Signed . 100 % proceeds go to charity of your choice! See you soon
  • Will have professional photographer on the site alongside red carpet, bring your best Hollywood smile, and you'll get free photos on the spot! 5:00pm to 7:00pm.....who knows maybe you'll be hired to be in next scary movie!
  • 2 more days before FREE Horror extravaganza in Houston...wanna avoid lines at haunted houses? Join us for free, talk to the filmmakers behind "Jason Goes To ****" watch few scary flicks...have a fun!
  • Congrats Astros!
  • if you seen Ozark on Netflix you don't wanna miss this event "TUCK" will be at the Eventful Event.
  • From Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner.....
  • REMINDER... - Blood donors, please go to www.giveblood.org and schedule your time to donate on 10/25/17...that way you don't have to wait long! - blood drive is 12-6...and we won't kick off MAIN event till 630-645..WE WILL WAIT ON YOU! - You can enjoy pre-H3 screenings at 330pm..while you waiting, blood bank usually send you text when is your turn. - H3 store will be open at 2pm, you can browse the items!
  • Share the event , donate blood, food... enjoy the evening of horror and fun! In short 5 days...... H3 will arrive!
  • 5 more days......
  • Other than that raffle tickets can get you one of these , or you can just buy them... and pick who you want your money to go to : Food Bank or Stand Up 2 Cancer! Cash, credit, check all welcome....
  • Hey you donors .... look :)
  • H3 Store is getting ready
  • Hide your children and watch this....
  • Adam Marcus was quoted saying: "Secret Santa is my return to horror. It’s a super gory movie, really gory, and creative- out of its mind creative. Imagine that you’ve come home for a nice Christmas dinner with your family… except tonight is different. Tonight, something insidious has slipped through and instead of politeness & niceties, everyone decides to reveal all the ugly truths they feel about each other. And it isn’t long before saying what you want… becomes doing what you want. Want to **** your uncle for his racist remarks? Go ahead and **** him. Word of warning though- this movie is dark. Funny, but dark. I think the fans are gonna’ love it."
  • An Evening with Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan ...starts at 645pm....join us FREE, talk to the filmmakers and enjoy this two flicks! "Secret Santa" and "Jason Goes To ****" and many more surprises through out the night!
  • Here is the LINE up for the HORRORTHON, not including some stuff in between shows.... - 315PM doors open - 3:30PM first FEATURE FILM "PARTY NIGHT" - 6:00PM Red Carpet , photo ops etc - 6:45PM An Evening with Adam and Debra fallow by special Charity Screening of "SECRET SANTA" and "Jason Goes To ****" with Q&A before and After The movie! with lots of stuff in between! RED CARPET AWAITS YOU! NEXT WEDNESDAY!
  • Or, you can have this poster signed by director and writer. Movie is getting CRAZY GOOD REVIEWS overseas, with US Premiere set at later date. But you will meet people behind it, and ...(insert jingle bells now)....see this flick at this charity screening!
  • YOU ARE IN CONTROL, For every dollar you spent on memorabilia you can tell us what charity you want it to go... Houston Food Bank or Stand up 2 Cancer! 2 great causes!
  • If you need signed memorabilia's or photo ...FREE of charge, just bring it! Or we can provide you with mini posters for small donation!
  • next week...you can ask this guy in person how in the **** did he send JASON TO ****.....!!! Special screening of the Movie and Director in attendance
  • Do you want IT? You can get IT! At H3
  • They hereeeee .... waiting for ya!