31. December 2018 - 0:00
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Houston Area Urban League Guild Membership Form and Payment Portal - JANUARY 2019 | Houston Area Urban League | Monday, 31. December 2018

  Judson Robinson III, CEO, Houston Area Urban League
"People often ask me, "what does the Urban League do?"  Although this national organization has been established for more than 100 years, it is easy to get all of the organizations confused and generalize them as all providing the same services. Another question, I sometimes hear is concerning membership, what do you get and how often do the members meet? These are uneasy questions for me because the Houston Area Urban League is such a unique organization and is different than what most people expect. Our work and our organizational structure are designed to Empower Lives and the communities in which they live. The work of the Urban League, when you think about it is an awesome opportunity while at the same time a daunting challenge. Having enough people and resources to provide quality and impactful programming in a City the size of Houston requires lots of supporters or what I call Urban Leaguers. "