03. January 2019 - 23:30
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Lambda NextGen Houston 2019 Membership | Houston | Thursday, 03. January 2019

Lambda NextGen Houston hosts 4-5 sponsored happy hours or events per calendar year which cost $10 entry fees at each. This formal membership waives these entry fees. Also, if there are matters which require a membership vote, this membership entitles the purcahser to a formal vote.
As stated in Bi-Law 11.06, all members must abide by the following code of conduct:

A member, voting or non voting must behave appropriately at all Lambda NextGen Houston events. The following behavior is deemed inappropriate:
Isolating, harassing, threatening, or provoking other members
Soliciting goods or services for personal gain
Coming to events under the influence of illegal substances or partaking in the use of illegal substances at Lambda NextGen Houston events
Coming to events intoxicated or becoming intoxicated at Lambda NextGen Houston events.
Violence and/or damage to facilities at Lambda NextGen Houston events.
Acting in an unwelcomed sexual manner towards other members.
Acting in a manner that does not promote the mission, goals, vision, or plans of Lambdda NextGen Houston.

At any point, a member can be excused from Lambda NextGen Houston events or the group altogether if their behavior is deemed in violation of the standards. This will be decided by the board of directors. By purchasing this ticket you agree to abide by this code of conduct. Also, you must be 21 years or older to attend these events due to the presence of alcohol.