01. February 2020 - 13:30 till 17:30
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Multi-Genre Intensive 2020-116 | Inprint House | Saturday, 01. February 2020

As the great Henry James once opined, a story should never be just a story, meaning it should rarely be just an anecdote.  Rather, it should show some true essence of the story’s character to explore some fundamental shift in that character’s psyche from the beginning of the narrative to the end of it.  In this weekend intensive, we’ll be rooting ourselves in this exact concept to tackle narrative projects in prose, poetry, and non-fiction works (including the essay) as well as discuss ways in which two or more genres might be blended to create singular forms that best fit the story or stories you are trying to tell.  We’ll discuss the ways in which character and persona driven fiction, poetry, and non-fiction can bring about not only shifts in character but also surprising epiphanies and conclusions that land like lightning bolts on the page for yourself and for the reader.  A great crash course for those just getting their sea legs in concepts story-telling and the fundamentals of poetry alike. Beginners welcome!