21. May 2019 - 10:00 till 11:30
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Sandler Sales Training - Improve your sales with a system! | Sandler Training Center, NW Houston | Tuesday, 21. May 2019

Sandler Sales Training - Improve your sales with a system!
The Sandlers Sales Foundations program (10 weeks) provides deep insight and a rich, interactive learning experience that includes assessment, instruction, and interactive training that enable participants to master the Sandler Selling System® and achieve personal and professional success.
The first step of Sales Foundations starts with a DISC assessment and 30 minutes of personal coaching to explain and discuss the assessment results and create a professional development plan.  The DISC Behavioral Assessment – identifies your communication style. Self-awareness, and the ability to ‘read’ others’ styles, enable you to communicate more effectively with prospects, customers, colleagues, even friends and family.  We also will use a sales-based assessment (Devine) to help you identify your personal focus areas for training.  
Course Materials include printed workbooks and online instruction that introduce and explain each module of the Sandler Selling System®. The course also includes 1-year of Sandler Online.  Other tools available through our vast online education portal include books, audio podcasts, and video lessons to reinforce the knowledge taught and enhance the learning experience.
Weekly live, instructor-led training includes group discussion, exercises, case studies, activities and role plays, which bring each lesson to life in our training center. Interactive training enables participants to practice with instructors and each other to develop a better understanding and mastery of the material.

Sandler Training Foundations: Tuesday's 10:00 AM – 11:30  AM

Foundations Curriculum

Onboarding & The Buyer-Seller Dance
We compare and contrast Prospect Buying Systems, Traditional Selling Systems, and the Sandler Selling System®. At the end of the session, you’ll be able to describe the 7 steps of the Sandler Selling System and how it allows both the prospect and the sales person to get their needs met.

Bonding & Rapport – DISC
You will be able to identify different behavioral styles and how to change and adapt your style to the prospect’s preferred styles to communicate more effectively.

Bonding & Rapport – Elements of Communication
We discuss the psychology of the buyer-seller relationship and key elements of communication. You’ll be able to describe how this knowledge can help you build trusting relationships with prospects.

Up Front Contracts – Taking Control of the Process
You will identify the importance of and 5 key elements required to create upfront mutual agreements with prospects so there is no mutual mystification regarding what will happen or outcomes.

Identifying the Reasons for Doing Business – PAIN
You will learn and apply specific techniques to help the prospect discover the compelling emotional reason to do business.

30 Second Commercials & FUDWACA
You will create and practice your own 30-second commercials based on the key pain indicators you’ve identified for your buying personas; we emphasize the use of emotional words to identify pain early.

Questioning Strategies
You will discover the importance and the details of how to ask questions to gather the information needed to make decisions about going forward or not.

Uncovering the Prospect’s Budget
You will be able to describe the process and importance of talking about investment issues early in the sales process and identify the key areas required to assure commitment from your prospect.

Identifying the Prospect’s Decision-Making Process
You will be able to analyze how the prospect and/or the prospect’s organization makes decisions, and identify what additional information is necessary beyond just who the decision maker is.

Closing the Sale - Fulfillment & Post-Sell
You will be able to describe the processes involved in the Fulfillment and Post-Sell Steps: confirm the close, prove you can deliver what the prospect needs for the investment they are willing to make, according to the decision process they have shared, and set expectations for moving forward.

Improving Your BAT-ting Average
You will identify the major points of the Success Triangle and how Identity/Role Theory can help or hinder your success in sales.

Prospecting & Cookbooks
You will create your own Prospecting Cookbook which captures the key metrics you need to follow to achieve your sales goals and implement a manageable, measurable, scalable selling system. Architecting - The No Pressure Prospecting Call.

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One of the top reasons businesses fail, no matter the size or industry, is the inability to increase sales. Traditionally, salespeople rely far too heavily on their product/service and personality to win sales and fail to recognize the importance of a structured selling methodology. The fact is, your livelihood, and your organization’s growth and profitability are dependent on your ability to consistently identify, qualify, and close business in your target markets. Without a selling system, you will win deals but the how and why, i.e. consistency will elude you.  Hence, never achieving the results you could have achieved.  


A blended training approach—employing multi-faceted, interactive delivery—is designed for you to see results quickly.
Sandler Sales Mastery is the program typically selected by individuals or small to mid-sized businesses looking for immediate change and results, supported by ongoing reinforcement. 

Sandler's sales strategies enable salespeople to quickly and consistently identify, qualify, develop and close more sales opportunities.

The format is facilitator-led sessions in our local training center, supported by coaching sessions, and 24/7.  This allows for your sales team to apply what they have learned immediately, solicit feedback and refine.  

This flexible and comprehensive approach to training is applicable for sales professionals in any industry or any size organization.

This approach utilizes our unique Formula for Success, which focuses on all elements of performance—high-performance behavior, winning attitudes and Sandler's non-traditional sales techniques.