06. June 2019 - 19:00
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School of the Prophets | | Thursday, 06. June 2019

The Prophet's Mantle Global Institute initiatives are to nurture and build a Kingdom Company of Prophets that understand we are better and stronger TOGETHER than we are apart. We recognize that as a Company of Prophets we are called not just to prophesy, but to educate and empower each other and to also hold each other accountable in every area of our lives.
Join us on June 6th 2019, at 7:30 pm CST, for a time of soaking, basking, prophetic worship, and prophetic release. Register Today! A curriculum fee $50 curriculum fee will cover the full 6 weeks of mentoring and training. You will be taught, trained and have the opportunity to exercise your gifts in a safe setting. You will also receive course materials, including teaching outlines and a list of online resources to add to your library. Impartation and activation will be part of every session including Q&A sessions where we will explore issues together and answer the hard questions.