05. August 2017 - 8:00
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Wombman's Wellness Day - Connect Mother Earth & Balance | Midtown Mojo Manufacturers | Saturday, 05. August 2017

💜Connect Mother Earth & Balance through YOGA💜
...............(Donation Appricated)...............

Join us for Wombman's Wellness Yoga as we focus on strengthening our connection to mother Earth and reclaiming our balance.

Sound therapy, Womb opening and honoring postures, mindful meditation.

When: Saturday October 7, 2017
Location: Absolem Midtown Mojo Manufacturer
Address: 4023 Polk, Houston, TX 77023


🙏🏽MEDITATION (Open Dialogue w/ Lilith Shakti
Donation Appreciated

💜FREE Womb Yoga w/ Lilith Shakti
(Please Bring Yoga Mat & Water)
Donation Appreciated

10AM - 12PM
⭐️YONI EGGS w/ Lilith Shaktih Shaki

🔮BOMB BATH ***** w/ Body Buoys - bath bombs and fizzies - bath bombs and fizzies Crystal Sims

✨ Vegan Food w/ Nadia Ahmed

🌾Womb Herbs w/ Absolem's Midtown Mojo Manufacturers

💃Whipped Shea Butter w/ Gifted Hands By Ty Davis - Ty Davis
  • **2nd posting** Easy rising!!! Our session today is at NOON!!!! See you then.
  • Was it canceled today?
  • Easy rising!!! Our session today is at NOON!!!! See you then.
  • Jamee Fleullan?
  • Tomorrow...
  • I will be there!!
  • It was AMAZING to stretch, dance, cry, laugh, love... with you!! Thank you Absolem for welcoming us into your space and allowing us the freedom and safety to HEAL!!!
  • I am EXCITED for tomorrow's celebration!!! New #Eggs are available (they are not available via LilithShakti.com yet). *$50 each Black Obsidian, Sodalite, White Quartz, Red Jasper #focused, #protected, #powerful #clarity
  • There.
  • Want to stay connected and updated on the coming Wombman Wellness Day yoga classes, please join WOMBMAN'S WELLNESS group page.
  • As always, Wombman's Wellness Day - Healing Sexual Trauma Part II was exactly what we needed. I decided to teach Kemetic yoga as our source of sexual trauma healing and focused deeply on the release that happens throughout the body when we emphasize on the breathe as our guide moving slowly as wind does sometimes to let it all go. I'm always grateful for everyone to comes out every first Saturday to hold space with us and appreciate Absolem Yetzirah / Absolem's Midtown Mojo Manufacturers , Fundi Fe , Lilith Shakti, Crystal Sims, and Nadia Ahmed for offering your amazing services and beautiful energy for all of us . Love you all! 💋💋💋💋💋 To stay updated on upcoming classes or workshops, you find me Maati Ra as well or Maati Ra Yoga . ✌🏽
  • This is something I am incredibly interested in. My children are with me and I must hold space purely for them in my circumstances, however I am very intrigued to align with each of the speakers if I could have the honor in my life at sometime. Feel free to reach out <3
  • Peace Beautifuls!!!! Don't forget we got healing to do tomorrow morning 8am! So get some beauty sleep and see all of you in morning. ❤️
  • #breathe!!
  • Sodalite Eggs are available for preorder to ensure purchase availability!!! #Sodalite is a stone of effective communication that is connected to the #throatchakra. https://www.lilithshakti.com/product-page/sodalite-yoni-egg #wordsheal #becauseisaidso
  • Unakite Eggs $25 as we move forward in our healing process Unakite Jasper brings together the abundant, nurturing energy of green with the soft, caring passion of pink in one of Nature's most healing crystals of the heart and mind. It resonates with the frequency of love, compassion and kindness, and is a stone dedicated to balancing the emotional body. Unakite is also known to balance the feminine and masculine energies as well as to offer protection and grounding. #YoniEggsinHouston #UnakiteJasper #Unakite #UnakiteEggs
  • What if I missed part 1?
  • Just ordered a variety of healing, forward moving, and "all is well" vibing eggs. You are welcome to visit lilithshakti.com to inquire about the possibility of SPECIAL REQUESTS if there is a stone you prefer.
  • You are welcome to preorder your eggs at lilithshakti.com and pick them up Saturday at Wombman's Wellness Day!!!