18. June 2020 - 7:30 till 12:00
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Putting Ideas to Work - The QUIRRK Personal Innovation Process | Radcom, Inc. | Thursday, 18. June 2020

Personal innovation is as important as organizational innovation. Regardless of your role, you are responsible for generating ideas to solve problems, improve processes, and create internal and external customer satisfaction.
Your company most likely has a standard process for moving ideas into implementation. QUIRRK does not replace your organization’s innovation process. It helps you, the individual, see your own ideas come to fruition. It helps you get noticed at work as an idea generator and problem-solver.
The QUIRRK process provides guidelines for using creative thinking and innovative ideas to solve problems that create internal and external customer value.
In this workshop you will:

Practice questioning and distilling problems to identify the root issue
Learn how to generate ideas that create value
Practice creating the WOW factor to get buy-in for your ideas
Create an action plan for implementing your ideas

Sign up for this workshop today and transform yourself from simply an employee to an indispensable innovator.

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