22. June 2020 - 7:00
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Red Team Apprentice™ Course | Millennium Corporate Office | Monday, 22. June 2020

k>fivefour™ is a private sector focused cybersecurity affiliate of Millennium Corporation, a defense contractor and cybersecurity company which delivers a full range of products, services, and solutions to the Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal agencies.
k>fivefour leverages Millennium’s specialized technical expertise serving the DoD Red Team community, where they execute hundreds of cybersecurity assessments for 2 of the 9 National Security Agency (NSA) certified and U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) accredited Full Spectrum Red Teams.
Red Team Apprentice™ Course (RTAC)
Students learn and prepare for starting a career emulating nation-state level cyber threats and adversaries. The exclusive Red Team Apprentice Course is the first course in a three-course series. Successful completion of the Red Team Apprentice Course is required before enrolling in the Red Team Journeyman™ Course (RTJC) or the Red Team Master™ Course (RTMC).
In the Red Team Apprentice Course, students learn how adversaries accomplish high-profile attacks. The course is continuously updated and built around the most recent intelligence on nation-state level cyber-attacks and adversaries found in open source, industry threat reports.
This course follows an attack methodology that mimics the structure of nation-state hackers. Students learn over 5 days in a guided, hands-on lab driven network attack scenario, utilizing a purpose-built training environment, and each student conducts a Red Team operation against a simulated Microsoft® Windows® domain network. The course concludes with an optional practical certification exam to test the knowledge gained in the course.
The 5-day course agenda covers the following topics:

Red Team Apprentice™ Course Foundations
Introduction to Red Team Operations
Red Team Methodology
Mission Preparation
Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Collection and Analysis
Active Reconnaissance
Target Exploitation
Post Exploitation Activities
The Accomplishment of Mission Objectives and Review

The training center is conveniently located within Bridge Street Town Centre in Huntsville, AL, nine miles from Huntsville International Airport (HSV). Bridge Street Town Centre is an upscale mixed-use lifestyle center. Featuring over 80 shops and restaurants, a 232-room Westin Huntsville hotel, a 150-room Element by Westin hotel, and a 14-screen Cinemark movie theater.