06. July 2019 - 20:00 till 23:30
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Diamonds In The Rough II: A Phases By Fazle Event | 4810 W 34th St | Saturday, 06. July 2019

Back by popular demand... A night where art and flavor unite as one... “Diamonds In The Rough 2: A Phases By Fazle Event”, presented by Diamond Phases & Art Haus Balloon Company.On this night, you will once again see the staple flavors of the popular beverage “Phases By Fazle”- that being ruby, sapphire, and emerald, be represented by three performing acts. First being the fan favorite, ruby, represented by Chy Honey. Second, the summertime classic- sapphire, being showcased by Eddy Blake. Last, but certainly not least- emerald, being championed by John Kelley. Also, acting as a palette cleanser, Boogie Bang will be providing his expertise to the experience.While not taking away from the big 3 that has made “Phases” what it is today, another diamond in our plan shall come to surface. Yet another flavor will be making its debut to our lineup of products. Will it stick around? Will this new experience become your new favorite diamond of our collection of gems? Only you can decide that. We look forward to welcoming you once again to a night we hope you look back on fondly.DATE- July 6th, 2019TIME- 8:00 pm- 12 amLOCATION- 4810 W 34th StreetCOST OF ENTRY-$10 General Admission (Includes Drink Voucher)$40 VIP (Includes speciality seating, 4 course meal, 32oz of the new flavor & 16oz flavor of your choice)