15. February 2018 - 18:30 till 20:30
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Real Talk Real Change IX: What the Health Are We Doing?! | The Vision Center | Thursday, 15. February 2018

Our Topic - What In The HEALTH Are We Doing?!?

Panelists - @Faye Johnson of Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor of ASE Assets, Mike Sell (Concerned Citizen), and Michelle Angelique Poitier of Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

What - Real Talk... Real Change is the largest annual community dialogue in North Florida. Held in Jacksonville, Florida every year since 2009 this event takes topics crucial to the community and brings about meaningful change in mindsets through authentic dialogue by local and national subject matter experts and regular fold alike. The event is always FREE to attend and is brought to you by E3 Business Group, Inc - Americas, E3 - NF Chapter Members and Eagle Soaring Management Inc

Our Topic - These days we are seeing so many issues around health and an increasing ignorance in understanding the difference between one's health and overall wellness. We will be talking about the current state of our people when it comes to living and ways to change the mindset and actions for individuals, families and communities.

This dialogue will tackle all aspects of health (emotional, physical, mental) and also look at various areas of wellness (family, financial, relationship, community) Local organizations will be represented to help attendees channel their energy into meaningful action.