09. December 2017 - 17:00 till 20:00
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Nightmare Before Yule: a KC area Pagan kids party. | Heart of the Dove KC | Saturday, 09. December 2017

Come one, Come all to the Kansas City Nightmare before Yule Party.

A kid focused, Pagan-friendly Party for the kids and kids at heart of the KC Pagan Community.

The Event is Free, though donation are welcome. We will be collecting for Harvesters and Warm Clothing to be distrubuted locally as well.

There will be seasonal games.

Costuming is encouraged but not required. I costume contest (judged by popular acclaim) may just happen.

Finger food and drinks will be provided, participants are encouraged to bring items to share.

see link for "tickets"
  • Hello everyone, first I would like to say I am having trouble with eventbrite doing it's thing with a free event, so just say your coming via the FB event. Secondly here is an updated schedule of activities, see below. Third, please share this, it's a free event, and if we have enough people and fun we can do it again. We will be starting at 5pm, with some mask making. If you show up late that is fine, the materials will still be available by the movie for late arrivals. The real ceremonial start will be between 5:20 and 5:30 depending on the mode of the kids, with the invocation of sacred punch... there will be dry ice involved and maybe a fog machine. After that we will start the movie in the back of the space and do the rest of the activities up front. If at anytime you or kiddo need less stimulating space for a breather there is the Gaia Kidspace room upstairs, and a lounge for ***** quite. The rest of these event may change order depending on interest of the kids involved We will have two pin the tail inspired event, one more classical (pin the sun on the henge) and one more co-operative (help build the snow monster, think calvin and hobbs) There will be one or more rounds of musical chairs. A bingo game inspired by Nightmare before Christmas and a dice based ice breaker game We will be making tree ornaments to go on your home yule tree and offerings for the nature spirits that live outside our homes. We will encourage and assist kids who wish to inscribe their ornaments with sigils or runes A game called "Jack is Coming to Town". (A combination red light/ green light and Simon says) A comedic rendition of a yule narrative story as performed by the shadow play kinder (i.e. we narrate, kids perform) Lastly we will end with a sing along If you bring something else and people get excited about it we could easily do the as well. Over by the projected movie we will have seasonal and movie related coloring pages; more mask making; letters to Jack, or other seasonal persona (Santa, Thor, the Green man, father winter, the Holy king, etc..); and seasonal mad libs. Same information as above but in bullet point. Order​ ​of​ ​Activities: Mask​ ​Making Make​ ​the​ ​Punch Pin​ ​the​ ​sun​ ​on​ ​the​ ​henge​ ​/​ ​Make​ ​the​ ​snowmen​ ​(co-op) Musical​ ​chairs Bingo​ Dice​ ​breaker​ ​ Ornaments​ ​/ Tree​ ​decorations​ Jack​ ​Says​ Shadowplay Closing ​-​ ​sing​ ​along Movie​ ​on​ ​projector​ ​(Nightmare​ ​before​ ​Christmas) Things​ ​to​ ​do​ ​next​ ​to​ ​the​ ​Movie: Coloring​ ​pages​ Make​ ​more​ ​masks Letters​ ​to​ ​“Jack” Mad​ ​libs​ ​
  • My apologies, ticket like seems to be down, I will try to fix tonight. Yes it's still going on, it is free event, tickets are really just for head count reasons.
  • I so wont to take my kids to this im new to all things pagan and i dont wont to push my kids in to it but i just wont them to no some things about what pagan means so i think they would love this
  • Are you still doing this when i pushed the ticket link it siad this even is no longer available?
  • I don't think the ticket link works?
  • Please Share, this is kind of a work in progress. Feed back appreciated. Also I cant seem to find a good picture yet.🎉🎊🎃🎄