12. July 2018 - 15:00
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NOAH's 17th National Conference | The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center | Thursday, 12. July 2018

Often described as a fun, festive family reunion, the national NOAH Conference presents the most comprehensive albinism education program anywhere and affords plenty of time to socialize and enjoy fellowship. Authorities in a variety of fields present accurate information on living with albinism, raising a child with albinism and the latest albinism research.

When Should I Travel?
Optional pre-conference educational activities will begin Thursday morning, with optional social activities scheduled for Thursday afternoon.
Conference check-in begins Thursday at 3:00pm.
Opening session: Thursday, 7:30pm
Closing breakfast: Sunday, 9:00 - 10:30am
  • Hi. My Name is Liliane Stephanie. I just learned about NOAH 17th national conference 2018. How can I do to take part? It will be my first time to participate in an such event.
  • This is to inform the public that ian very much interested of being apart of this 2018 NOAH's 17th national conference, So ian using this medium seeking for help, begging the public for an assistant, if only God can speak to someone heart to give me this help, i will forever remember this person ,seeing myself as a African albino taking part in this conference sharing my experience with the the western world albinism that could be an opportunity of signs and wonder to my life, with God hope to hear positive results, please to all those that read this note ian very serious about it thanks, respectfully yours, Roland p. Dolo from west africa monrovia- Liberia. Contact #0777291616/0886289376.
  • Is there an itinerary of presentations and social stuff?
  • National Geographic Travel has named Kansas City one of the best cities in the United States! #NOAHCon2018 #HowWeKC https://www.nationalgeographic.com/travel/features/best-small-cities-united-states/#/best-cities-kansas-city-missouri.jpg
  • Hi everyone! Has anyone attended the conference who has a child with Ocular Albinism? Wondering how much the children gain from attending? she also has Nystagmus, and is really wanting to meet others like her! She shows no other signs of Albinism, so it makes it hard for her to explain to others! We would be traveling from NC to attend And very excited! just wanted to ask a few opinions before booking. Thank you!
  • Are you in need of a little help to attend this summer's conference?Check out NOAH's Conference Funding Sources Information Packet and the 2018 Conference Personal Grant Application! www.albinism.org/NOAHCon2018 #BetterTogether
  • #NOAHCon2018 Room Share List If you're attending the conference and interested in finding a roommate to save on hotel costs, email info@albinism.org to be placed on the room share contact list. NOAH will facilitate introductions between individuals on the list (but is not providing roommate matching services). Share this post to help spread the word! #BetterTogether
  • The room block is open! Register through the online portal on the conference web page at www.albinism.org/NOAHCon2018
  • Learn more about the conference hotel guest room renovations, including the addition of refrigerators! http://www.westincrowncenterkansascity.com/renovation
  • Could one of the page Admins please PM me? I have a quick question. Thanks! 😊
  • This NOAH conference will be the first for my husband and I. For anyone familiar with the area and hotel, can we get by just using UBER or should we rent a car? TIA!
  • Conference Reservation Dates & Rates! Visit www.albinism.org/NOAHCon2018 for the latest information about NOAH's 17th National Conference in Kansas City. Highlights include the opening of NOAH's discounted room block on Tuesday, with a great $134/night rate! #BetterTogether #NOAHCon2018
  • this is my first event going to with Noah but wanted to know if anyone knows how much the registration is and when it has to be paid by????????!!! Also if my bff can't go does anyone female care to split the room/ split room cost, I'll know by March (I will have my service dog)
  • Excited to be attending my first NOAH national conference (plane ticket purchased). Anybody else from the North Texas region planning to go?
  • I really want to attend this NNOAH' s 17th national conference 2018 O my God!
  • Brant R Hostetler
  • When does registration open?!
  • We are thrilled to announce the theme for NOAH's 17th National Conference, Better Together! A special magic emerges when the albinism community comes together! Our paths may not be exactly the same, but when we share our lives, we form bonds, and we become stronger. We “get it” because we’ve “been there.” Come to Kansas City and be together with others in the albinism community, establish friendships, and learn about the latest albinism research. Join us, because life really is better together!
  • This will be my first NOAH outside of my state !! With my lovely sis Ashley Malson
  • Will there be a group rate if you stay at the hotel where the conference takes place?
  • A fun read on KC.
  • Did you know? Kansas City has over 200 fountains, giving it the nickname "The City of Fountains." One fountain you'll see at #NOAHCon2018 is the Henry Wollman Bloch Memorial Fountain, situated between the Liberty Memorial complex, Crown Center, Washington Square Park, and Union Station.
  • Live video take two! Meet the #NOAHCon2018 core planning team at Kansas City Live! in the Power & Light District! https://twitter.com/noahalbinism/status/896202734239707140
  • https://www.facebook.com/NOAH.Albinism/videos/1415239925198587/
  • Looking for a little Friday inspiration? Check out #HowWeDoKC! #NOAHCon18 https://youtu.be/dYxdO1pLiIc