17. May 2017 - 22:00
Kiev, Kiev
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Accommodation in Kiev apartments for rent are located in the very center of Kyiv. | Wednesday, 17. May 2017

People who travel a lot for business purposes or just for fun definitely know what the most important thing is missing in any place of the world except native. Of course it is "home from home" atmosphere, the warmth of hearth. If you ever go to Ukrainian Kiev, do not hesitate to take up your residence in homey private apartments, instead of noisy hotels with obtrusive service. This city has a lot of variants to offer for those who has got rid of hotels. Kiev apartments, whether it is a separate flat or a room in private inns, is available for daily rent that is the most convenient way if you are coming for a short trip. Choosing the exact location of residence is very important, it depends on several key factors, varying on the purpose of your trip. If you come to Kiev on business, you should take into account the location of future apartment. It needs to be as close as possible to the main place of meeting with your business partner (place of holding a conference, presentation, etc.). The main part of business institutions are located in the right-bank districts (areas) of Kiev, such as Pecherskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, Podilskyi and Obolonskyi areas. As for local apartment Kiev offers a wide range of packages from "budget single-room flats to luxurious apartments with 24-hour security service and comfortable guarded parking. Even the "budget" variant can be rather expensive for foreign visitors, but the main advantage is no need to spend much on transport and of course, saving the time. Noisy districts do not mean "noisy" flats. Most of renters took care about the quality of service, so in most cases you can expect modern renovation inside, good-looking interior, noise insulation and many other pleasant trifles, depending on the price and your own preferences. If you need to visit lots of establishments, located in various parts of the city, the best variant for you will be to settle down near some central underground railway station, so you will be ready in any time for travelling around Kiev. If your status allows you to hire a private driver (or if he is your due), the location of your temporary apartments can be only the matter of your tastes. Want to be in the swim ? stay in the central part, want to spend free time quietly in calm atmosphere ? take something located in dormitory neighborhoods, like Sviatoshynskyi and Solomianskyi areas (right-bank part) or Darnytskyi, Desnianskyi and Dniprovskyi areas (left-bank part). To avoid traffic jams on the bridges, try to select apartments on the same bank with most of your business locations. As for the tourists, daily rent apartments in Kiev are the best way to save money and find out more about "real" city. Kiev hotels, even small and ordinary ones, cost twice more expensive than private apartments. If you travel in a company of several friends, all you can settle in one flat, instead of renting several rooms. Private apartments are also good for those, who prefer home meals usually they have kitchen with all necessary equipment. You can train in cooking Ukrainian "borsch" or "curds". And of course, living in a private flat, you will find out more about city itself, will be able to make more connections with local people. Let’s make a little review of the most comfortable places of touristic lodging. The major historical buildings and monuments are located in Pecherskyi, Shevchenkivskyi and Podilskyi areas. You may wonder how business and historical heritage sites can be concentrated on one area, but this is one of the special peculiarities of Kiev. The whole city, except young suburbs, is full of interesting architectural sites, as well as ancient and medieval monuments, like churches, museums and statues, surrounded by exciting legends and mysteries. The most convenient for living in is a Pecherskyi area, as it is located in the heart of Kiev and contains a lot of sites, like Askold burial, Askold Grave Park with Saint Nicolas wooden church, famous House with Chimaeras and many others. It is very comfortable to live in Pecherskyi area, as it is also full of various entertaining sites art galleries, theatres, restaurants, etc. Getting ready to visit Kiev, look through various web sites offering apartments for daily rent in Kiev. There are hundreds of agencies, so you will have a wide range of offerings. Try to contract with companies that have actual contact information on their web sites, detailed apartments? descriptions with photos and testimonials. This can help to avoid fraud. When all is done, don’t forget to put your house slippers in the suitcase and go to the trip with the full belief that it will be unforgettable travelling experience!

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