24. April 2019 - 18:00 till 20:00
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Malignant lesions of the oral cavity | Hampton Inn | Wednesday, 24. April 2019

Hardeep K. Chehal, DDS
Dr. Chehal is an associate professor in the Department of Diagnostic Sciences at the Creighton University School of Dentistry. She joined the faculty of the School of Dentistry in the fall of 2009. She earned a certificate in Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology from the University of Florida College Of Dentistry in Gainesville, Florida.  She currently lectures to dental students in Systemic and General Pathology and Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology.  She has co-authored numerous articles in referred Journals. Dr. Chehal is a diplomate of the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology.
Malignant lesions of the oral cavity
Brief description: This course will present and discuss some of the oral malignant lesions seen in the general dental practice. The lecture will be presented with real-life clinical scenarios which will be followed by a short discussion on the importance and significance of the pathology presented. Brief review of radiographic and clinical features for each of these entities will be presented. The lecture will focus on both soft tissue and bony lesions of the oral cavity and jaws.  

Participants should be able to recognize and be familiar with some common hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity that are often overlooked and/or misdiagnosed in a general dental setting.
Recognize the various clinical and radiographic features of such lesions.
Recognize the common differential diagnoses of such lesions.
Be familiar with the possible management options of these lesions.