19. October 2017 - 19:00
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TNTTrivia | Lularoe Tonya Vaughan | Thursday, 19. October 2017

Join us EVERY Thursday Night at 7PM PDT for #tnttrivia
Be prepared to browse, shop, but most of all laugh as my sister and I keep up the weekly antics and spend time with our favorite people, YOU!
  • We will be rocking another Take over this week! To accomodate scheduling we will be starting at 8pm PST!
  • Who is ready for an epic night and a Jaxon or Harvey Giveaway!! Every Thursday night in January if we can Sale 30 pieces we will be giving away a Jaxon or a Harvey PLUS our normal free item for every 10 trivia questions!!! How do you get an entry??? It’s easy, simply join us for the whole show! Jump in tonight and comment when you get on with either #teamharvey or #teamjaxon and then be online when we hit 30 pieces and someone is getting a FREE Jacket!!! Tell me below if you are joining us tonight!!!
  • This weeks #tnttrivia will be held Wednesday Night at 6pm PST! Tell your friends so they don’t miss us! We have some fun things planned
  • Free gift with purchase every day through the month of December while supplies last starting tonight! Will you be able to collect all 5? See you in an hour!!
  • Ladies, tonight to allow for plenty of time with family and friends #tnttrivia will be starting at 8pm PDT! See you guys then!!!