18. January 2018 - 18:00 till 20:30
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80s themed roller skating ;) | Castle Roller Skating | Thursday, 18. January 2018

Come out in your best 80's gear to celebrate Carissa and Kristen's birthday!! This Facebook event is public so invite whoever you want! The Castle is being rented out from 6-8:30pm so all 80's music will be played. It will be $5 to get in plus skate rental if you don't have your own. ($5 blades/$3.50 quads) Going out for drinks after! :) See ya there!
  • What's your favorite 80s song to skate to? 😉
  • Chrissy Wooms​​
  • **** this is showing our age! Lol Kurt, we r able to go have drinks with u now!
  • Age limit?
  • How much are skate rentals ?
  • Hey guys.. slight change of time. I was turned down for the 7-930 time and told that the latest we can do it is 6-830. I know this is gonna be an issue for some people who work but remember skating is tiring!! You could probably get a good workout from just 7-830 lol! So anyway it's officially 6-830 costing 5 each for tickets on Thursday January 18th!
  • Are roller blades allowed?
  • It’s a 80s classic when they have two turntables a mixer and a DJ dressed like the 80s then it’s an 80s classic
  • Thanks for the invite Arvin Alston! I broke my ankle last time I skated there, so I probably won't attend lol. Have fun!
  • Hey guys soooo Kurt says that an average of 200-250 people come on Friday nights. But if I want I can rent out it out on Thursday the 18th for 2.5 hours and they will play all 80s music and it will be only us crazy lookin 80s people. What do you guys think? Rent out Thursday or stay with friday? The cost per person would be around the same just to make up for the cost of renting it out. Let me know!!
  • Hi guys!! Since this is a public skate night obviously they will play normal music and not 80s lol but that's besides the point cause we are all STILL DRESSING UP AND HAVING A BLAST 😜😜😜
  • Hi Carissa, Just wanted to let you know that The Castle will not be playing 80's music during the Friday night session on the 19th. In addition, please note that we are not permitted to allow anyone who has been drinking to attend our public sessions due to safety concerns.
  • What does one wear for an 80’s theme??
  • Ah I wish I could come! I’ll be in philly for my birthday, have fun ,can’t wait to see pictures!
  • **** it! I have to work😒
  • Can’t wait!!