28. June 2019 - 9:00 till 13:00
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10e Communications Workshop-Level I | Public Education Foundation | Friday, 28. June 2019

What you say matters, but not nearly as much as how you say it. Conveying the wrong message to the media, the public or even your co-workers can have devastating effects. Your company, your career or investor confidence can disappear in a heartbeat when you fail to communicate clearly.
The highly-rated 10e Media Workshops are perfect for anyone looking to improve their ability to communicate successfully when it matters most. Attendees will get first-hand experience on how to convey important messages in regular settings and under pressure using the three critical elements of communication. 
Created and led by Emmy-Award winning communications specialist Kendall Tenney, the interactive, four-hour course for up to eight attendees, allows each participatant to practice and review vital skills that will lead to more success when it comes to interaction with the media, the public or colleagues. 
Tenney (10e) also offers specialized training sessions for corporations, colleges and inviduals that have proven to be extremely valuable for companies and executives, both national and international. This particular workshop offers elements valued at nearly two thousand dollars when purchased invididually. 
Workshop attendees will receive the following:

1/2 day of hands-on instruction led by award-winning journalists and communications specialists ($954 value)

Video of individual interviews along with a written review of the individual's strengths and weaknesses ($600 value)

1/2 hour consultation (via Zoom) with Kendall Tenney that can be used by attendee prior to a media interview or important presentation ($400 value)