01. October 2020 - 9:00
Virtual Events, Las Vegas
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The Annual Paper Source Note Symposium | Thursday, 01. October 2020

Learn From And Get To Know The World-Class Experts In Their Cash Flow Specialties!

Many people say they meet more successful people at The Paper Source Note Symposium than at any other event.


“‘I speak from experience….This is the most informative conference ON ANY SUBJECT I have ever attended. This is BY FAR the most informative and productive note conference you will EVER attend! I’ll be there for the third time because I simply can’t afford to miss it.”

-- Edward Berlinski

MBA, Wharton Business School

“Everyone I talk to says this is THE pinnacle of note events in the country. If anyone is considering coming to the Paper Source Note Symposium, I would tell them: This is the one. Don’t miss out on this conference. Make sure you take part.”

-- Eddie Wilson, CEO, Think Realty, American Association of Private Lenders, LoanMLS

“What we try to do at the Paper Source Note Symposium is to get people to teach who are actually in the note business, not the seminar business. Having been in the note business since the 1980’s, we know who the real players are. I talk them into coming out of their offices to teach for us, and then they go back to their note businesses. They’re not on a seminar circuit 100% of the time for sure. We like to get real people there, people who DO what they rarely teach.”

-- W. J. Mencarow, President of The Paper Source

Kerrville, TX