12. July 2019 - 8:00
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BANKICON 2019 - Momentum | Alexis Park All Suite Resort | Friday, 12. July 2019

Don’t miss out on this game-changing networking and business conference.
Join us as we learn the best ways to grow the entire B.A.N.K. Nation Sales Force and your own personal sales velocities so you can experience exponential business momentum!

Why Attend BANKICON?

Open New Markets With Targeted Offerings

In addition to updating our current B.A.N.K. platform, we’re launching specialized training products to serve the direct sales and corporate markets. We devote multiple sessions to showing you how to use these to expand your business and serve new partners’ needs better.

Master Game-Changing New B.A.N.K. Technology

At BANKICON, we’re officially launching DAVINCI 2.0, our new machine-learning linguistic coding technology. The experts who helped us develop this revolutionary app will be on-hand to debut the tech and show you step-by-step how to best leverage it for greater success.

Celebrate Your B.A.N.K. Achievements With Our B.A.N.K. Community

BANKICON is more than just a time to learn. It’s a time to have fun together! Our awards ceremony will recognize the achievements of our top Trainers and Affiliates and crown new 2019 Icons. Celebrate with us at the White Party and Awards Ceremony!

Reconnect And Build Relationships With Others In The B.A.N.K. Nation

BANKICON is attended by our most elite Affiliates and Trainers around the world. This is an opportunity to build relationships with our top sales talent and experts. Reconnect with old friends while making fantastic new friends who share your passion for B.A.N.K.

Learn The Latest In B.A.N.K. Research And How To Leverage It Practically

Dr. Ryan Howell, the professor who conducted the original research for the first B.A.N.K. white paper, hasn’t stopped studying B.A.N.K. He’ll keynote a session on his latest findings so you can understand what his research means and how you can use it for predictable results.

Discover How To Recruit Effectively And Quickly Grow The B.A.N.K. Nation 
Many people forget that the size of our B.A.N.K. sales force has a huge impact on your own business growth. We’re going to teach you practical strategies on how to secure new clients, as well as how to convert more of them into passionate Affiliates and Trainers for your team


This BANKICON, founder and CEO Cheri Tree, the executive team, top trainers, and in-demand outside speakers will all be focused on one goal: helping you skyrocket your B.A.N.K. MOMENTUM! We will equip you with the proven tools, interactive trainings, and cutting-edge technologies you’ll need to grow your sales