16. June 2017 - 19:00
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EDC Las Vegas 2017 | Las Vegas Motor Speedway | Friday, 16. June 2017

For three nights every year, a beautiful and unmistakable energy comes alive in the Las Vegas desert. A celebration of life, love, individuality and hope. A musical experience unlike any other.✨

8 Stages. Over 200 Artists. Dusk Till Dawn. 🎉

Join us Under The Electric Sky June 16, 17 and 18 for the 21st Anniversary of the Electric Daisy Carnival. ⚡️ 🌼 🎪

Tickets ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Tix
Hotels ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Hotels
Shuttles ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Shuttles
  • You all are fking awesome and ill miss all of you! Be safe and see you next year :)
  • looking for a shuttle pass preferably next to luxor
  • HOTEL ROOM FOR SALE: I have got a hotel room on the strip for tonight (06/19) at Harrah's for $50. Unfortunately, we won't be able to stay today in Vegas. It's up for grabs. PM/ Comment if you're interested or tag someone who you know might be.
  • I lost my wallet and I really need to get it back if anyone finds it please contact me my id says Alejandro Jesse
  • Found an silver LG smart phone by cosmic meadow. Turned into lost and found. Hope it meets the owner 😀.
  • I'm flying into tomorrow, if anyone has any booze they can't take on the plane I'll gladly take it off your hands! 😬
  • Why did we spend money on premier parking when it takes just as long if not longer to get ******* parked!!! Come on insomniac 😡😡😡
  • Lost LG G5 phone if found please call 906-869-3327. Thanks so much.
  • Thank you Jimmy (whose last name I didn't get) for spraying Trent and I with your purple spray fan on Saturday morning so we didn't die waiting in line for four hours for the shuttle! I got my own yesterday and it's a lifesaver. You're the best!! ❤💛💚💙💜
  • Had anyone seen or found a small pink wallet I really need it back tonight I'll give you a reward
  • Someone decided to use my number & post on Las Vegas cl that I was selling three edc Sunday passes for $50 each, the calls & texts I received were infinite lol
  • I was at the water refill station and realized I dropped my Snapchat Spectacles. They do say "Ratchel Suon" even if you use it with a new device. I recorded a few snaps upon getting into the venue and then went to get my hair done at the Clairol tent before going to the refill station. If you have them, please return them for a reward ❤️
  • Can someone just be a homie and be too tired to go to edc tonight?
  • Shout-out to everyone that wore my kandii to EDC!!!<3
  • Parking lot idea! placing low resolution security cameras live streamed to the EDC app so people can check their lot and see how traffic looks like in their lot, so they can plan their departure from the party more timely! it would help lessen traffic because people could leave at different times. i know if i could peep the lot i would be comfortable staying later if i saw it wasn't so congested.
  • Need 1 wristband for tonight!!
  • Need a wristband or 2 for a friend. Asap. Lmk
  • Need 3 more tickets. 100 max
  • Have 1 Las Vegas Village ticket for sale $30, msg me
  • Anyone headed out to colorado that might have room i have gas money n tree
  • Looking for 4 wristbands for this last amazing day! HMU PLEASE!
  • We spent the same amount of hours waiting for a shuttle bus then we did being inside the festival. It was not worth it to me when we paid 500+ per person. I did love edc and had fun while I could but we had no time to experience rides and other things because by the time we got there our favorite DJ's were going to play. This is the second time we have came and the first time was nothing like this, we had a blast. We won't be returning until we have money and can do the helicopter rides lol
  • Looking for 2 Sunday wristbands!
  • Anyone know anyone with 4 (or fewer) EDC Sunday tickets. Me & 3 friends were supposed to be able to go for the hours we worked on Friday / Saturday BUT now the company changed it & we can't. PLEASE DON'T LET YOUR TICKETS GO TO WASTE!!! Please text me 702.981.1739
  • 2 MGM shuttle passes for sale $30, msg me