18. May 2018 - 16:00
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EDC Las Vegas 2018 | Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) | Friday, 18. May 2018

Something beautiful is blooming Under the Electric Sky. EDC Las Vegas returns in 2018 on a brand-new weekend, May 18, 19 and 20. ⚡️ 🌼 🎡

From dusk till dawn, 8 unique arenas of music and interactive art are yours to explore — and for the first time ever at EDC, a new camping experience awaits! With new festival hours, new stage designs, opening ceremonies on the cosmicMEADOW lawn each day, and cooler weather to enjoy, EDC Las Vegas 2018 is sure to be a magical weekend you won’t want to miss.

Tickets ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Tickets
Camping ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Camping
Shuttles ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Shuttles
Hotels ➼ insom.co/EDCLV_Hotels
  • Xiong Xiong
  • I'm Brazilian and I live in New York, I'm looking for someone to go with me to edc!
  • Selling 1 EDC Vegas ticket for $400. Based in New York, please message me if interested.
  • Hey! This is gonna be my first EDC and festival out that isn't in Washington. Does anyone know if flow toys are allowed in? I have my pixel whip that id love to bring with me.
  • 2 tickets for EDC Vegas for sale. $840 for the pair had an emergency come up and can no longer make it. PM me
  • Selling two tickets to EDC Vegas. Based in New York. PM if interested
  • Selling 2 tickets for EDC. $400. Will forward the receiving address to yours. Venmo, Paypal
  • im still selling my ticket $380, i cant go anymore, and i need it gone before abril.... for more info pm
  • Somebody please help me get a ticket to edc 😢😢😢 it falls on my birthday and I'm so depressed I probably won't be able to go
  • Selling 2 early bird EDC tickets for **** value. Can't make it anymore. In LA/SGV area. Lmk
  • 1 Early Owl General Admission ticket for sale! Message for details.
  • 2 Early Owl ticket for sale! Msg for details. Selling for the price I got them not trying to make more money out it. We just can’t make it fue to some family events happening the same weekend.
  • Looking for 2 ultra day 3 [Sunday] tickets
  • 1 Early Owl ticket for sale! Msg for details
  • Looking to share a ride from Mesa, AZ and/or hotel costs for EDC Las Vegas 2018!
  • Anyone looking for two more people to camp with or have room in their RV?! We don't ****! We just love to EAT SLEEP RAVE REPEAT! 😎🤩✌️🎪🍹
  • Selling 1 general admission 3-day pass with 1 midstrip shuttle pass for $500 total😊 msg me!
  • Albertsons Monopoly! I need 108AH. Ill split 90/10 for the 1 million if anyone has it. Imagine all the festival's you can go to with this $$$ lol
  • selling two 3-day passes for $385/each
  • anyone going to EDC from El Paso, TX? me and a friend need a ride!!! Willing to pitch in $$$ too!
  • Who will be attending that is from vegas????
  • Yay I'm so excited I just submitted my first article for an EDM review to a San Francisco based online media magazine that is considering hiring me on. Right now I'm on a probation period for 2 months and hoping my article gets published, and I start getting paid as a writer for EDM MUSIC. Cross your fingers for me, WISH ME LUCK MY FRIENDS, ♡♡♡ next goal, EDC2018 interviews with some of the acts. 💖Gemgirl💖 follow me on Instagram @gemgirl707
  • Selling 2 Early Owl GA 3 day passes + 2 MGM 3pm-6am Premium Shuttle passes. PM me if interested.
  • So I need some help! There are a lot of artists I am NOT familiar with, but there’s a lot I am familiar with. Im into bass music(anything closely related to zomboy, snails, excision, gentlemen’s club, ect) Can you guys list off the artists that are related to that genre so I can start getting to know them? (:
  • Anyone know if these tickets come as wristbands? I am looking for a couple single days tickets for Saturday or Sunday if possible