16. May 2019 - 17:00
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Planet Desert Rock Weekend v2 Weekender Pass | The Bunkhouse Saloon | Thursday, 16. May 2019

Planet Desert Rock Weekend v2 will be  May 16th to  May 19th and will feature top legendary desert rock talent but also blending with top heavy rock bands from around the world,Each show can be either individually purchase or can buy a Planet Desert Rock Weekender Pass that will allow you in and out of the shows each day 1 RADIO Moscow - Planet Desert Rock Weekend v2 May 16th VEGAS  at Count's Vamp' MoscowApe MachineJason Walker and the Majestic 12Shotgun SawyerPresale price $20 for limited time and  goes to $25 (Price tier 2) 2 John Garcia - Planet Desert Rock Weekend v2 May 17th at The Bunkhouse Saloon John Garcia / John Garcia & The Band of GoldSasquatchThe WatchersArthur Seay's DEATH in Pretty Wrapping+++ 3 to 4 more to be announcedTickets Available now $50-$55 for limited time 3 Planet Desert Rock Weekend May 18th at The Bunkhouse SaloonSunday  Vegas Rock Revolution's International ShowcaseMay 19th at The Bunkhouse 1968Green Desert WaterOMEGA SUNKaiserMonsternautCaptain Caravan 
Weekender Full Access for all 4 nights will be sold in phases with the price going up.
Planet Desert Rock Weekend v2 May 16-19th in Las VegasA Vegas Rock Revolution Production